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How to terminate loan insurance in the process of repayment

General Principles of Termination of Loan Insurance Like any consumer contract, the loan insurance contract is subject to the common law of the contracts, it can thus be terminated by respecting a period of notice as well as a certain formalism generally stated in the general conditions of said contracts called “information notice” in the […]


The differences between the mortgage broker and the bank executive | Loans

Knowing the differences between the mortgage broker and a bank executive is very important and useful when buying housing. And who knows my needs? It is the ideal question to start talking about it. This is one of the essential points to find personal satisfaction in this real estate business. When you want to achieve […]


Real estate loan, redemption of credit in Haute Vienne 87

Our real estate loan advisors hold the status of Intermediary in Banking Operations and Payment Services, which entitles them to be an intermediary between the various banking organizations and you as part of the establishment of a financing immovable. They are registered with the ORIAS – a single organization for the register of intermediaries in […]


Refinancing loan – Borrow without questions

On a regular basis, people choose to request refinancing of their loans. This is particularly interesting when a fixed-rate credit agreement was originally chosen. Anyone who, as a borrower, has chosen to take out a loan with a variable interest rate should take into account that refinancing can often yield no or only a very […]


4 Frequent Situations in Which You Will Need Life Insurance

Certainly, life has many unexpected twists and dangers that would not have crossed our mind. However, there are 4 situations that are quite common and can be solved with life insurance.   1. Dying too soon We all know someone who has died at a very young age. The tragic stories of people who leave […]


How to use a simulator insurance loan?

Guarantee your mortgage with the best simulated insurance contract The loan insurance simulator makes it possible to evaluate the cost of the borrower insurance which must guarantee the mortgage. Free and without obligation, it offers Internet users the opportunity to find the insurance that is most profitable. Credit insurance simulation: how does it work? In […]