Are You Needing Extra Income?

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Here are some ideas that you could implement to be able to collect a few more pesos at the end of the month:

Look for a freelance job

If you have any hobby or interest that you can sell, you can do it freelance – What is this mode? Being a freelancer means being a person who works independently and is dedicated to work autonomously that allows him to work in his profession and are oriented to third parties.

There are pages where works of this style are applied as Workana and Frelancers. There, each one sends selects the project that interests him according to his knowledge and sends the project owner his work proposal and his budget. Within these freelance work websites, we will find several proposals for writing, design, social media, programming, among others.

Any Service You Can Offer This Option to Get Extra Money is Convenient 

money cash

If you have any service you can offer, this option to get extra money is convenient because you send proposals online and you do not have to pay any subscription or payment to use the web pages. Eventually, if you want to promote your profile you can pay a monthly subscription.

You can give private lessons

Perhaps in your neighborhood there is a neighborhood that needs someone to help you with some school subjects and explain math, English, physics or chemistry. Or, perhaps, if you are studying the last subjects of your career, you can give help classes to those who have just started. Giving private lessons can be a good start to raise extra money since you can do it from home and coordinate schedules with your clients.

Drive for Uber

If you have your own car you can consider the option of working for Uber. This is a way to earn extra money driving through the streets of your city to take people who need it from one place to another.

It’s like the job of a taxi driver for a lifetime, only here you have the power to decide when and for how long you want to work. So when you have downtime, you can open your uber application and see what notifications you receive and decide if you accept them or not.

Design websites or edit images

Although there are people specialized in building websites or making photo montages, if you know how to do it well you can earn money with it.
If you design a website or use the image editing programs, taking some orders will not take much time and will be practically easy money. Best of all, if you get paid well for two or three jobs, you don’t need to repeat it as often during the month to have extra money.

Any skill and ease you have with page design and construction is very well valued and, as you get new customers, you will gain experience and perhaps you can specialize in doing some.

Sell your old things

Do you have any furniture that takes up space and you don’t use it anymore? or clothes that no longer fit your child and is intact? It is normal not to want to part with things that have a certain sentimental value to you but you can gradually sell the things that take up more space from websites that sell used furniture or at any American clothing fair.

Design your own products

Take advantage of the benefits of the internet, where we can publish our own productions at a very low cost (or free) such as Instagram, mercadolibre, etc. There are many local producers who promote their own shirts, toys, food production or beers, among others.

Maybe at the beginning you have to make an investment in machines or equipment and you have to resort to a loan but it will be a cost to assume if you want to make your business take off. Luckily, there are online loans that are quick and easy to access and are repaid in two months, so you don’t have to borrow for months.

Take advantage of your savings

If you have savings you can take advantage to put them on a fixed term or buy international currencies to take advantage of interest rates or the increase in the value of the dollar. So you just have to click to have extra money.

Sell your photos

There are some who love to take a camera everywhere with the purpose of trying to capture life and everything it offers and without realizing it, they spend a lot of time doing it but they do not take full advantage of it.

If taking photos is something you enjoy and you think you are doing well, make it an option to earn money, taking advantage of the photo banks and selling the photos you took there.

 Rooms for rent

If you have an unused room, optimize that space by renting it as a storage room for others to store their things. You can do the same if you have a garage and you don’t have your own car to save! In the city there is always someone who needs a parking lot.

Search for a part-time job

This is the most conventional option, but you can always choose to use a part-time job or on weekends to get extra money.
In addition, you will be avoiding the whole process of trying your luck on new things. Earning extra money can be easy if you know how to take advantage of the skills you have!