There are many tourist places in Peru to go to Fiestas Patrias . In fact, since you will receive the bonus this month, you can take the opportunity to plan a special trip. In this post we leave you some travel options for Fiestas Patrias 2019.

We don’t want to make a list of the usual destinations. Except for Cusco, in this note we will show you two more places in Peru that have a lot to offer you. In addition, as they will celebrate National Holidays , they will also celebrate other parties this month, so you can advance or extend your visit, pay attention!

July is a good month to visit Cusco

July is a good month to visit Cusco

Not only because it is one of Peru’s favorite destinations, but also because there are different events that take place in the region at this time. For example, on July 7, the Historic Sanctuary Day of Machu Picchu is celebrated and on the 24th of the same month, another year of the scientific discovery of this wonder of the modern world is celebrated.

But this is not all, you can take advantage of your visit to Cusco , to participate in the Feast of the Virgen del Carmen in Paucartambo and enjoy a traditional event. The weather at this time is dry, and it is high season to visit the attractions of the region.

Pasco at the end of July

Pasco at the end of July

Pasco is another region of Peru. Maybe it has not occurred to you to choose it for vacation and it has not been given much promotion, however, it has much to offer.

For starters, it has many protected areas that can be visited, such as the Huayllay Stone Forest National Sanctuary or the Yanachaga Chemillén National Park . In Pasco there is also Pozuzo which, at the end of July, celebrates its Tourist Week.

Huánuco on your half-year vacation


Let the wild and outdoor side of Huánuco take you away from the stress of the city. Free your lungs with clean air and enjoy the sound of the jungle. Cataract circuits await you in this region of the country, such as the famous Sleeping Beauty , but also monuments, such as the Temple of the Crossed Hands and even mysterious caves.

Do you dare for adventure? If you want to stay in the city ​​of Huánuco , we recommend you travel before 28, to participate in the Perricholi Festival , which starts on the 25th of the month.

Are you excited about all these regions of Peru have to offer you? That I have missed many more places! With online loans, which you can request through Good Finance , you can compare different rates and interests and not deprive yourself of the trip you deserve by July 28.