Knowing the differences between the mortgage broker and a bank executive is very important and useful when buying housing.

And who knows my needs? It is the ideal question to start talking about it. This is one of the essential points to find personal satisfaction in this real estate business.

When you want to achieve some important goals in life

When you want to achieve some important goals in life


Including getting your own home, you must be very cautious. Much more striking if a mortgage loan is required for this activity. The variety of offers in the housing sector, whether new or used, is amazing.

And the most advisable for these cases, is to have the advice of people with the right knowledge. And to address the idea you can take into account two alternatives that help in the process … a mortgage broker or a bank executive.

The support of a mortgage broker

The support of a mortgage broker


»The advice of a mortgage broker is aimed at satisfying a customer’s primary need .

»You must have accurate knowledge of the profile and what your client really wants

»It has a variety of options to offer in terms of housing, knowing the market . Therefore, it makes an exhaustive analysis, according to the offers presented in the sector.

»Know all the procedures that are done in each of the banks and the fees to be financed. He offers his opinion, in order to choose the most beneficial for the client.

»Something important is that the advice has no cost, as it is associated with the agreement with the banks that offer the mortgage loans.

The support of a bank mortgage executive



»The executive or bank advisor is a very limited option.

»He is a consultant designed to offer the products of his entity.

»You have the necessary knowledge regarding the products offered by the bank.

»Just try to convince the client to meet their business goals, determined by the bank.

»Although, its duty is to direct the client, accommodating it with the mortgage loan that best suits, it is only a strategy.

It can be said then, that the two options go hand in hand , because they must complement each other, to reach a unique end. And this is said, because, banks make the approval of the mortgage loan and the mortgage broker is an intermediary. With their special knowledge they support the client (buyer), to find the maximum financial benefit.