15 Scariest Video Game Boss Fights Ever


5. Rat King – The Last of Us Part 2

Both The last of us The titles easily rank among the best games ever made, but despite being post-apocalyptic games heavily influenced by zombie apocalypse fiction, they aren’t exactly known for being scary. One wonders if you could even really consider them survival horror games. There is, however, one part of the series that is undeniably terrifying: the Rat King.

Despite its name, the Rat King has nothing to do with real rats. Instead, it’s a giant mass of infected that have coalesced over the years. After a brief chase through the halls of the long-neglected hospital, the Rat King takes just about everything you have to count. Bring bombs and a flamethrower on your guns. Even with all of that, you’ll have a hard time taking this thing apart, especially when it splits into two parts.

Marguerite Baker in Resident Evil 7

4. Marguerite Baker – Resident Evil 7

Many resident Evil fans will tell you that the seventh entry in the long-running series is the scariest, with that boss fight against the Baker family matriarch commonly cited as a major reason. By this point in the game, you know Marguerite and her giant flies well, but when it’s time to confront her in the old house, she’s changed for the worse.

No longer even trying to look like a sweet middle-aged lady, she’s now an elongated insectoid horror, and she’ll use that to her advantage to scale walls and ceilings to get away from you, then grab you with her. his disturbing long arms when you least expect it. And then, of course, the flies come back into the fold once again. The best way to take out Marguerite is to focus the fire on her distended abdominal hive, but she puts up a surprisingly tough fight.

Mr. X in Resident Evil 2

3. Mr. X – Resident Evil 2 (2019)

One of the original invincible bosses, Mr. X is more terrifying than ever than the 2019 remake of Resident Evil 2. This tyrant establishes that he is unlike any other enemy in the game early on. If you play as Leon, he bursts through a brick wall. In Claire’s script, he literally ignores a crashed helicopter. And then no matter what you do, it just keeps coming. Lots of gunshots can momentarily stun him, but after a few seconds he’s back, moving from room to room in the Raccoon City Police Department until he finds you. All the while, his dark, emotionless gaze never changes.

The constant threat of Mr. X makes this part of the game extremely tense on the standard difficulty, and encounters with him can easily end your run on the higher difficulties. At least Leon finally has the opportunity to take him down at the end of his story.


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