19 Best Books By George RR Martin, Including The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Novels


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  • Most readers will know George RR Martin from his hit series “A Song of Ice and Fire.”
  • It was adapted for television as “Game of Thrones” on HBO, with a new spin-off releasing on August 21.
  • We used Goodreads to rank his best and most popular books.

“Game of Thrones” was a blockbuster hit for HBO, with a record 19.3 million people watching the show’s fiery and highly anticipated conclusion. The show is based on George RR Martin’s epic fantasy novel series “A Song of Ice and Fire”, where the Seven Kingdoms fight for the Iron Throne through epic, high-fantasy adventures and battles. Such was the success that HBO released “House of the Dragon,” a spin-off series based on Martin’s “Fire & Blood” on August 21.

Although many readers will know George RR Martin for his success in “Game of Thrones,” he was an award-winning science fiction and fantasy writer for years before the first “Game of Thrones” novel was published in 1996.

To rank her top novels, stories, and anthologies, we turned to Goodreads where over 125 million readers rate and review their favorite books. From the hit “Game of Thrones” series to early novels and short stories, here are George RR Martin’s best books, according to Goodreads reviews.

The 19 best books by George RR Martin, according to Goodreads:


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