5 next Escape From Tarkov features that will redefine the game



Fans of realistic shooters usually fix their main game, and so do I. For my part, I generally want to talk about Escape From Tarkov and how the game has evolved over the past couple of years. With tons of wipes since 2017, when I discovered this military simulation, I consider myself qualified to talk about the EFT universe. Over the past, Battlestate Games has approached the development of the game from several angles, and we are very grateful for that. But, there is still one problem: the missing content that everyone is looking for. Even if for a moment you’ve decided to take a break from Escape From Tarkov, I just want to remind you of a few upcoming features that should hopefully arrive this vacation.

Escape From Tarkov is no ordinary game. Instead, it’s a massive caliber game with tons of mechanics under its hood. Escape From Tarkov is already obscuring several other survival games that have a substantial impact on the genre itself. A game that has one of the best ideas. We’re all fixing our beloved realistic first-person shooter Escape From Tarkov, and we can’t wait to see more implementations become available soon. Recently we got stuck with the addition of Nvidia Reflex and the Gun Jam mechanic, and it didn’t get past that.

The content drop in Escape From Tarkov

Currently, Escape From Tarkov is in Early Access or early beta. Call it whatever you want. Speaking of its current state, the game lags slightly behind in terms of content. Whether it’s a set of bugs and glitches dismantling the core focus of Battlestate Games, or something else, the developer has fallen behind in creating entertainment and delivering new content. The shooter goes on, still breathes, but hardcore gamers, especially streamers and influencers, have slowly started to pull away from Escape From Tarkov’s life.

Prior to the installation of Nvidia Reflex and the tiresome bugfixes released in a back-to-back sensation by Battlestate Games, we had Reserve. An expansive military base map with new Scav Bosses and new minions, including raiders. It was the only map to include raiders after labs. This is pretty much the last vital and important content update that Escape From Tarkov has received in the past. But playing Reserve is not as appealing as it used to be, because everyone is familiar with their surroundings. In my opinion, this is still the best map ever and proof that Battlestate Games works with some of the best designers out there.

5 next Escape From Tarkov features that will redefine the game

Without further ado and without further ado on the subject, let’s take a look at the five very important features coming to the game. Some of which are intended to increase the number of consecutive players a bit.

Static rendering of shadow distance

Escape From Tarkov will include new modifications related to the rendering of shadow distance. No one will ever be able to refine the rendering of shadows because it will be the same for all players, with a minimum shadow rendering distance of 500m, regardless of the usual quality settings.

Support for Unity 2019 migration and DLSS

I thought the developer had already migrated to Unity 2019, but it turns out not. The migration will take place with the 12.11.6 update and is also supposed to introduce a new feature that will contribute to much better performance in the game. FPS has always been an issue and it depends a lot on the size of the map, the player capacity and, of course, graphics settings.

Anti-cheat enhancement

Battlestate Games is aware of the waves of cheaters in Escape From Tarkov, and is doing everything possible to prevent them from joining the game once and for all. The developer plans to install a “3 new mods” mark on its anti-cheat system, which will increase its reaction time and speed of cheat detection.


For those who do not know inertia, here is the definition: a property of matter by which it continues in its present state of rest or of uniform motion in a straight line, unless an external force modifies this state ”. This means that there will no longer be an insanely quick peek thanks to the overpowered left and right strafing motions, as everything, including the strength and weight of the player, will be taken into account.

Lighthouse, Daily Quests, VoIP

We know we said 5 features, but Daily Quests, VoIP, and Lighthouse all count as one because they should arrive in one patch. Patch 12.12 is intended to bring all of this together, and with the Daily Quest feature and a new map, I could easily predict a massive influx of players.

So what do you think of the features / changes coming to Escape From Tarkov? Good or bad? Exciting or not? Let us know in the comments below!

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