5 things we learned about Saints Row gameplay and combat


Game Rant recently attended a Saints Row presentation, hosted by Volition and Koch Media, about the game’s combats, missions and more. Much can be said about these elements of the new Saints Row reboot, and the presentation was absolutely filled to the brim with new and interesting content. However, a few features stood out the most.

Of course, missions and fights are related to gameplay, which is of extreme importance in any game. For this reason, we also had a little more in-depth look at Saints Row gameplay and some of its smaller, but possibly coolest details.


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Saints Row Wingsuits Allow Players To Bounce On NPCs

Saints Row fans have known about wingsuits since day one, and they’re pretty self-explanatory. Players can use wingsuits to jump from heights and fly down, while some Saints Row vehicles have ejection seats to launch players for a quicker police getaway. That’s not all, however, because while some games have wingsuits that end once players hit the ground, Saints Row will actually allow players to fly their wingsuits if timed correctly.

As players descend near NPCs, they will see an action prompt appear on screen, which sees the player “bounce” off the NPC and return to the sky. If lucky, this should basically allow players to fly from place to place. Players can also land on Saints Row vehicles the same way, taking them from bewildered NPCs, but overall it seems like there are plenty of options when traveling from point A to point B.

Criminal enterprises, chaos and insurance fraud

Fans knew activities like Mayhem and Insurance Fraud would return in Saints Rowbut now we know a little more how. Saints RowThe Criminal Ventures feature allows players to build “fronts” throughout the city, and these Criminal Ventures unlock a series of “quests” that players can complete entirely. These manifest as fan-favorite activities. For instance, Saints Row players can build the Big One Criminal Venture, which is how the Saints pass guns, and it unlocks Mayhem Mode. Essentially, players show off the destructive capabilities of their weapons to attract new customers, which makes the gameplay and story come together nicely here.

Saints Row makes riding fun

Most of the time, players will prefer to be in the driver’s seat rather than riding a shotgun. Driving an escape vehicle is fun, but just shooting from the window (especially with limited weaponry) isn’t so much. However, Saints Row may have cracked the code to make using the shotgun fun. Previous games featured vehicle surfing as a sort of diversionary stunt, where players aimed to stay on a reckless driving vehicle, but this has been fully integrated. Saints Row‘s vehicular combat. It had already been teased in a trailer, but watching this feature in all its glory is incredibly promising.

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Players can get on the roof while driving a shotgun and shoot vehicles that way. It’s a simple little change, but it makes the fight when in a Saints Row more dynamic vehicle. If players start to take too much damage, they can just retreat back into the car, heal up, and then come back. Now, vehicle surfing might not be as fun as driving, but it makes driving a shotgun that much more fun.

Saints Row: Your phone is your best friend

It’s no surprise, but just like in real life, phones are very important in Saints Row. The player can change his Saints Row boss customization on the fly from their phone, but they can also access their skills and perks. Players will be able to modify their skills and perks as they see fit, having a few active at a time. This allows players to tailor their kit to the mission, such as if they know they’re murdering someone or blowing up certain things, and it adds a lot of dynamic variety to Saints Rowthe game of.

You can disrupt police calls in Saints Row

Alongside the various factions of Saints Row like Los Panteros, Idols, and Marshall Defense Industries, players will spend a lot of time fighting and/or running from the Santo Illeso police force. By fighting them, the police will obviously call for reinforcements, but Saints Row players will be able to interrupt this. An icon will appear above the NPC’s head whenever he calls for backup, and if players attack and interrupt him, it will stop more cops from pouring in.

saints row releases August 23 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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