A Zombicide game reveals the undead and X-Men superheroes


New details emerge about Marvel Zombies: A Zombiecide Game, which tasks players with surviving or causing an outbreak of superhero zombies.

Board game makers CMON and Spin Master Games have released new details about Marvel Zombies: a game of zombicides, which will allow players to fend off an army of undead superheroes as the Uncanny X-Men or conquer the world as a treasure trove of meta-powered zombies. Marvel has seen a new wave of success on the gaming front in recent years, thanks to hit video game titles like Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spiderman series and Square Enix Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, in addition to promising future releases like Marvel’s Midnight Suns and Marvel’s Wolverines.

Marvel Zombies is a 2005 comic book miniseries by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman where, as the title suggests, the world’s superheroes are infected by a zombie virus from another dimension – and much mayhem ensues for Earth’s few remaining survivors. The storyline would spawn plenty of followings and even get an MCU adaptation in the Marvel: what if? animated series. A Marvel Zombies A spin-off is currently planned for Disney Plus, but there’s still more room for Marvel zombies in games.


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As reported by Comic, CMON and Spin Master Games have revealed new details about their latest zombie-based project, Marvel Zombies: a game of zombicides. First announced in November, Marvel Zombies: a game of zombicides places players in a world overrun by zombified versions of iconic Marvel heroes like Iron Man and Captain America, and comes in two variants: the standard Marvel Zombies game and an extension, Resistance X-Men. Both include Undead Mode – where players take control of zombie heroes as they attempt to infect 12 spectator characters using unique abilities and Zombie Trait cards – and Resistance Mode – where players assume the role of the remaining uninfected heroes as they fight to survive the apocalypse. Both the standard Marvel Zombies and Resistance X-Men feature mini-figures based on the work of comic artist Marco Checchetto, and the Kickstarter campaign has already surpassed its goal of $500,000. Interested fans can support one of three pledges: one for the standard Marvel Zombies, one for Resistance X-Men, and a third that includes a massively sized Zombie Galactus game piece.

Marvel Zombies Board Game Kickstarter

Kickstarter has been a popular way for creators to fund their hobby projects, and that rings true for board games based on famous gaming properties. Board game versions of The witcher, hunter of monsters, and The Binding of Isaac each raised millions of dollars within a day of going live with their respective Kickstart campaigns, and to come resident Evil and Borderlands the games are currently funded by the crowdfunding site.

Marvel Zombies has always been very popular what if scenario and CMON zombiecide the mechanics fit right in with a superhero world overrun by ancient undead heroes. If the Kickstarter campaign continues to do well, fans will be able to jump into Marvel’s Infected Universe when Marvel Zombies: A Zombiecide Game launches next year.

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Source: Kickstarter (via ComicBook)

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