Ambitious indie action title “Homura Hime” features flashy fights and demonic girls; Trailer


During the game show event Playism 2022, a brand new indie Japanese anime action title, Homura Hime, was revealed with an impressive gameplay trailer. The protagonist’s varied combat uses are briefly highlighted amid several distinct environments. Additionally, the game’s Steam store page has also been launched, providing the necessary information for this upcoming title.

All along Homura Hime, players find themselves in a world where demons and humans coexist. One way of conflict in this setting has to do with Archdemons, dangerous creatures born from souls possessing lingering regrets and intense emotions during death. These horrible monstrosities can be perceived as viruses as they corrode their surrounding neighborhoods with the corruption of rationality. To combat these threats and five Demon Girls causing their own share of havoc, an overseer dubbed the Oracle sends the “Flame Princess” Homura Hime and Ann, a messenger tasked with “purifying the world and ending all evil”.

Homura Hime has no release date or window, although its only currently confirmed release platform is PC via Steam. Moreover, his Steam Store Page contains plenty of screenshots and other related information that intrigued potential players should check out.

You can see the trailer for Homura Hime below:


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