Annoying Warzone Battle Pass glitch is back and ruining Pacific Season 2


An annoying Warzone glitch has returned causing the battle pass screen to close after a few seconds, preventing players from seeing it.

Warzone players have grown accustomed to some bizarre issues since the popular battle royale’s release in 2020 – many of which are retrospectively fixed by Raven Software.

From annoying footstep audio issues that have been a hot topic of discussion since Warzone launched, to frustrating bullet hit registration issues, falling through Caldera isn’t always as smooth as it should be.

Outside of the actual game, players struggled to view the battle pass screen for more than a few seconds.


Caldera debuted shortly after the release of Vanguard, with a vibrant tropical setting to explore.

In a February 15 Reddit thread, Warzone player adub915 shared a clip of them having an issue with the Battle Pass menu.

“So the Battle Pass screen automatically closes on me every time,” the player said. “Anyone else having this problem?”

As shown in the short clip, adub915 repeatedly tries to view the page but is quickly kicked out after a few seconds.

Several people seem to have had the same issues, with one claiming it’s a known issue. “It’s happened to me so many times over the past year,” Hufftwoseven said.

Others took a more comedic route with their comments, taking the opportunity to hit the game. “This is to remind you to stop buying Battle Passes until the game is worth it,” SlevinScags said.

How to Fix Warzone Battle Pass Freezing

According to several players, the battle pass freezing bug has been persistent in previous seasons.

Fortunately, there is a solution to the frustration problem. “Press RB or LB when you open the battle pass, this fixed it last season,” one player said.

For now, the odd glitch will be added to the ever-growing list of bizarre bugs players are waiting for the developers to fix. However, it’s unclear how long it will take Raven Software to do so as they have yet to acknowledge the issue according to their Trello board.


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