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Suda51’s No More Heroes series is finally back – and rightly so this time. Travis Strikes Again was a great throwback, but it didn’t capture the same magic the original games did – but More heroes 3 is, as its title suggests, a return to its roots. It’s all about assassin leaderboards, insane mini-games, intense combat, and wowing the ladies – as always.

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This time, Travis Touchdown comes face to face with aliens – fat and brutal types. If you want to get a head start on these mighty foes, you need to master the combat system, which has a lot of depth to offer, but requires you to scratch below the surface. Just read the tips in this guide and you will soon find yourself facing enemies like butter.

The basics

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Here is a basic overview of the commands you should know. These will essentially be the only buttons you press on a regular basis in battles – although there is definitely more to learn, as we’ll detail below.

Button Move
Yes Fast attack
X Heavy attack
B Jump
A Dodge
R Charging power
ZL Lock / Guard

Fast VS Heavy

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Fast attacks versus heavy attacks. The advantages are obvious – a heavy attack does more damage, while a fast attack is, well, faster. But what you might not consider initially is power consumption and your ability to dodge. When doing heavy attacks, you will use as much power as with each quick attack, deal more damage, but significantly limit your ability to dodge. Quick attacks have the opposite problem: dodging is easy, but the damage is limited. Use fast attacks when you are unsure of your situation and heavy when the enemy is knocked out.

Jump attack

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Travis also has a jump attack performed by jumping and pressing one of the attack buttons – obviously. What is less obvious is that a quick attack in the air will target enemies, while a heavy attack will knock back a group of enemies.

Perfect dodge

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A Perfect Dodge is, well, exactly what it looks like. When you lock enemies, a yellow circle will appear on the enemy you connect to, and if that circle turns purple, it’s time to dodge. A Perfect Dodge will not only dodge the attack, but it’ll send things off in slow motion, just like Bayonetta or Breath of the Wild. Use this moment to attack your enemy and deal as much damage as possible.

Slash Killer

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The Killer Slash is a move you’ll use on weaker enemies to finish them off, while on bosses it will only eat away at their health. The Killer Slash is performed after the enemy has taken enough damage, and it will ask you to use the JoyCon or Right Stick to slash the enemy, activating a Slash Reel.

Reel Slash

No More Heroes 3 The player (7)

The Slash Reel comes after a successful Killer Slash, and it’s a fruit machine that scrolls across the screen. If he lands on something accidental, it can give Travis a huge buff, like Mustang mode that devours bosses health bars. Or maybe it will just give you a little extra cash to help you on your way.

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