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It’s officially September, which means only the spooky October separates us from our journey to the moon in Final Fantasy 14’s Endwalker expansion. The closer we get, the more unbearable the wait, but, like Still, there’s still plenty to keep you busy until it’s time to fight Zenos again. This week’s Final Fantasy 14 events take us away from the actual game and in the kitchen briefly, and Square Enix has also announced when you can expect to hear from director and producer Naoki Yoshida in a new, live-action letter.

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FFXIV Adorable Moogle Cake Recipe

A Real Cook Celebrates Final Fantasy 14’s 8th Anniversary

In the game my cook is level 80, but in any kitchen I’m pretty useless. Great British Bake Off Star Kim-Joy doesn’t, however. The famous baker teamed up with Square Enix to bake a cake worthy of the Moogle King, and the adorable candy included spriggans, cactuars, and chunky chocobos. It’s a really, really cute cake that’s a problem when it’s time to eat it.

Days later, Square and Kim-Joy revealed how you can make your own three-tier Final Fantasy 14 lemon cake. The shopping list and step-by-step instructions may take you as long as the grind to hit the max level, but the results are well worth it.

Removing FFXIV belts

Final Fantasy 14 removes the belts

Earlier this year, Yoshida presented his accidentally hilarious slide on how Final Fantasy 14 would “remove the belts” from the game. For the alarmed aliens, just taking an equipment slot and destroying it can streamline the process of setting up the game. ‘equipment. For veterans, this is the best known meme.

Either way, details on how the actual belt removal will be carried out and other battle changes are expected to appear in the next Live Letter, which Square Enix has confirmed for September 18. Many more combat changes are expected to be expected, including details on how new classes like Sage and Reaper will work, as well as the retooling of the Astrologian kit. Before each expansion, Yoshida and her team usually take a look at how the new battle changes will work, and this should be our first look at that.

Yugiri Kasasagi standing on a ship with two citizens of Doma beside her

Twilight Tales

Final Fantasy 14 has expanded its world on numerous occasions through side stories via the Lodestone. The most recent edition, Tales from the Twilight, brings five new stories to the kingdom. The first, The Burden of Duty, focuses on Yugiri and takes you back to his childhood. The other four will see a phased launch until September.

Bards playing music together.

Save a little Gil

Final Fantasy 14’s optional item store is a bit on the expensive side, but at the moment you can purchase premium in-game goodies at a discount. Even the most recent glamorous pieces, like the Collegiate Clothing Set and the Alphinaud Cut, have seen their prices drop. The deals aren’t too long, however. You only have until September 21 to grab everything you’ve watched. I’ll fill up on Fantasias myself.

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Evolved Monkey Blanket

NFT Developer Runs Off With $ 2.7 Million, Buyers Have Only Weird Avatars

Despite the setback, investors plan to continue the Evolved Apes project.

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