Best Female Video Game Characters With Blonde Hair


Video games are a place where characters can express themselves in the wildest ways. Styles and trends that would typically be judged in real life are often portrayed as cool and savvy in the gaming world. From the range of tattoos to vibrant hair colors, society’s laws and regulations do not participate. not to the surreal world of games.

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However, one particular set of characters take on a more subtle style that relates to the game’s real-life audience. Female characters with blond hair have a fanbase among the gamers section, and there are more reasons for that.


ten Cammy White – Street Fighter

Moving on to a more violent woman on the list, Cammy White made her debut in the second installment of the street fighter series. She was only the second woman to feature as a playable character in the game.

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A trained assassin by nature, Cammy’s muscular body and fit physique make her one of the most brutal women in the arena. But, despite her hard punches, the blue-eyed blonde wears a leotard and caddy hat, making her one of the show’s earliest fans.

9 Sonya Blade – Mortal Kombat

mortal combat has been in the mix of things for a long time, and it’s fair to say that the arcade game has unfolded into something more than just pick and beat em. Strong characters and storylines gave figures like Sonya Blade a reason to belong and relate to gamers.

Sonya is one of the OG characters in the series and is the first female character in the same. The blonde-haired OIA general may be a badass in the modern storyline, but he had already started out as the Peach Princesses, often kidnapped by the forces of evil only to be rescued by Johnny Cage. The two end up getting married and have a daughter named Cassandra Cage.

8 Juliet Starling – Lollipop Chainsaw

Juliet Starling is the main protagonist of the 2012 zombie killing game Chainsaw Lollipop. The high school lollipop-eating cheerleader wakes up on her 18th birthday to see flesh-eating zombies fly over the roads.

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When the game was released, players discovered that her characteristics and traits had similarities to Harley Quinn. However, there is no official statement to back the fact up, but considering the game’s publishers were WB, one can only speculate. Juliet is one of those over-sexualized video game characters and wears a two-piece cheerleader costume with skirts short enough to make the game 18+.

7 Samus Aran – Metroid

Samus Aran is the main protagonist of the 1986 Nintendo classic metroid. With a death appealing to her childhood parents, Samus was adopted by the mysterious Chozo Group, who infused her with their DNA and raised her to be a warrior.

Samus made her mark with her debut, as the gaming industry (in the 1980s) was generally used to having men. Players were surprised to learn that the long-haired blonde character beneath the layers of heavy armor was indeed a gun-throwing woman!

6 Marie Rose – Dead or Alive

Marie Rose debuted in the first installment of the Dead or alive franchise (DOA5) and remained until the end of the series. Although there isn’t much to her story, she has made her presence felt in the game series that shows off some of the most bizarre stats in a fighting game.

The 4ft 10 fighter looks younger than her age and is the shortest woman on the show. With long golden hair braided in two ponytails, she takes on a specific gothic look with her fashion statement, trying to work her charm around her opponents.

5 Samantha Giddings – Until Dawn

Samantha Giddings is one of the eight main characters in the 2015 survival horror game Until dawn. Samantha, called Sam by her in-game friends, is a student invited to the cabin for an extended meeting.

The loving and empathetic personality of Samantha Giddings (voiced and animated by actress Hayden Panieterre) was the face of the game, and fans fell in love with her almost immediately. When the game was released, Sam was on everyone’s “to save list”, and several have managed to make it happen. In the gameplay demo, she was the “playing character” and made quite a mark while running around wrapped in a towel.

4 Sarah – The Last of Us

Naughty Dog games have a way with their in-game characters. The last of us, released in 2013, was billed as a post-apocalyptic zombie game where many main characters would manage to survive. But little did gamers know they were about to have the most harrowing and harrowing start to a video game.

Sarah Miller is the 10-year-old daughter of Joel (the game’s main actor). She is a playable character through the game’s prologue, featuring the zombie outbreak. As the series of events unfolds, Sarah is shot by the armed forces, changing Joel’s life forever! In a way, Sarah’s bond with her father is what forms the underlay of the game’s narrative.

3 Elena Fisher – Uncharted

the Unexplored game series is one of the best in the industry, with memorable characters and storylines. One such character is Elena Fisher. An American journalist by profession (or at least until she met Nathan Drake), Elena has been a mainstay throughout the entire series, participating in the action and drama throughout the entire series.

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Her relationship with Nathan Drake begins shaky, but the blonde girl eventually finds her true calling. Post the events of Uncharted 4, the couple bid farewell to their adventurous past and settle into their own lives with a daughter named Casie.

2 Princess Peach – Mario Bros.

If there was a perfect personification of the “damsel in distress” idiom, it would be Princess Peaches of the Super Mario Bros.. The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom often finds herself kidnapped by the evil Bowser, only to be rescued by Mario and Luigi.

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Although her roles in the franchise have evolved over the years, sharing equal space with the other characters, she is still remembered for her initial roles as the kidnapped princess. She has appeared in several games, spin-offs and animated films and is a mainstay in the Mario Bros. franchise.

1 Princess Zelda – The Legend of Zelda

Saving the best for last, Princess Zelda is the titular character of the Zelda Games, one of the best-selling and most famous franchises. Zelda is the daughter of King Hyrule and the rightful heir to the Land of Hyrule.

Although game players take control of Link – the game’s male character, Princess Zelda’s narrative is the underlying reason for the game’s very existence. She has been the main character in the games since 1986 and continues to do it even in the latest version of Skyward Sword.

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