Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends and Fortnite


The last five years have seen a plethora of battle royale the release of games, with a flurry of half-baked, money-making titles, and only a handful of genuine attempts to make a worthwhile experience. Thankfully, over the past year or so, developers have begun to end their frantic attempts to cash in on the latest gaming trend and leave the genre to titles that know what they’re doing. Now, Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legendsand fortnite are left at the top of the pile.


With years of experience in the genre, these three games compete to see who can keep a player invested the longest. war zone classic offers Call of Duty mechanical, but has its fair share of bugs, Apex Legends has a unique hero-based system, but is a bit more complex to understand, and fortnite is renowned for being the most accessible battle royale, but lacks the complexity of its competitors. In a world where players have little time to dive into games, there might only be room for one battle royale title.

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The case of Call of Duty: Warzone


For fans of the Call of Duty shooting mechanics, war zone should be an obvious choice for battle royale to play in 2022. However, it’s not that simple, war zone had a bit of a fall from grace recently. When it started well, war zone hasn’t really embraced the live service model it uses, focusing primarily on selling Call of Duty players plus cosmetic skins. In its lifespan of nearly 2 years, war zone only had a handful of live events, each one dimmer than the last.

This trend looks like it could continue throughout 2022, as with the devs focusing on fixing the new Caldera map, the possibility of players seeing lots of fun live events or meaningful updates seems pretty unlikely. war zone is struggling to keep its playerbase invested right now, with the new map still causing a variety of bugs and the game being more unbalanced than ever.

war zoneThe only saving grace is a sequel that will be exclusive to next-gen. While this isn’t good news for PS4 or Xbox One gamers, the lucky few who own a PS5 or Xbox Series X/S are about to get a war zone experience that actually outperforms the competition, with 120fps gameplay at launch, along with other graphics and performance improvements.

The case of Apex Legends

Revenant drops into Octane's city takeover of Kings Canyon during the Armor Regen LTM in Apex Legends War Games

Carrying similar tactical complexity and tight fire mechanics to war zone, Apex Legends is not perfect, but it strives to be. With the fairly unique hook of game legends, Mountain peak manages to immediately stand out from the crowd. The hero-based gameplay of Mountain peak adds a whole new layer of complexity to the battle royale experience and allows for plenty of satisfying experimentation.

Add to that the fact that Respawn is constantly updating the game, ensuring that legends and weapons are balanced and fun to use, and Apex Legends is one of the tightest battle royale experiences out there. Apex Legends also receives a constant supply of new content, with new maps being added from time to time, and a brand new legend added each season. If a gamer loves hero-based tactical multiplayer action, then Apex Legends should be at the top of the list this year.

The case of Fortnite

fortnite spider man

The battle royale game that has held the crown for five years now, fortnite is not at the top for no reason. It may seem simple, with fairly standard shooting and driving mechanics, but it is this high level of accessibility that allows fortnite to be such a popular game, played by people of all ages and skills. Those who have never touched a controller before might jump into fortnite and having a good time, and that should be commended.

fortnite is updated on a weekly, sometimes daily basis, with the game adding more skins, weapons, and extensively changing the map regularly to ensure there’s always something new to discover. Due to the frequency of these updates, the game is always balanced to perfection, meaning players don’t need to follow a specific meta to have a chance of succeeding. fortnite is guaranteed to have an exciting and surprising 2022, and battle royale fans of all types should just take the plunge and give the game a try.

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