Canceled Power Rangers game had Arkham Asylum-style fight


The canceled Power Rangers game, named Project Nomad, was set to feature open world, co-op multiplayer, and Arkham Asylum-style combat.

A developer on a canceled AAA Power rangers open game on the project, describing a game that mixes cooperative multiplayer with Batman: Arkham Asylum fight.

Jason Bischoff, who worked on the project, revealed that the convict Power rangers game would include a variety of elements inspired by the influential Batman arkham trilogy. Codenamed “Project Nomad” in 2016, Bischoff says the game was designed to be an “ambitious open-world cooperative that captured the energy, teamwork and history of the franchise in a whole new light. “. Bischoff even goes on to describe the game as “Knights of Gotham 5 years before GK’s announcement. “

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While the project was immediately delayed by a lack of budget and bandwidth, Bischoff says work began on the game thanks to their “priceless ‘blessing’ to be explored independently.” A land for the Power rangers The game was created alongside various sets of concept art and character design. While none of the looks featured were final, the art was meant to display the kind of style and tone the game aimed to achieve.

Bischoff goes on to say that while the early pitch meetings and discussions about the project were “favorable”, the game was eventually forgotten due to time constraints and priority changes.

Although not much has been revealed about the preserves Power rangers game, part of the concept art gives an image of a game with great potential. One of the most important pieces features the Rangers, seemingly drawn from various eras, fighting on an alien planet alongside an armored T-Rex that, of course, breathes fire. Another image shows the titular Power Rangers battling what appears to be a original villain in an explosive battle.

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While this particular Power rangers game never saw the light of day, franchise fans weren’t starving for decent video game adaptations. Launched in 2019, Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is a fighting game that sees several eras of Rangers come together to face each other. Despite a rough launch, the game grew in popularity, even hosting a crossover with the iconic Capcom. street fighter franchise.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Google Stadia. Unfortunately, it doesn’t feature a fire-breathing armored T-Rex. Still…

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