China defends visa restrictions against stranded Indians, declares ‘appropriate’ to fight COVID-19



Beijing: China on Monday defended its visa restrictions that have prevented thousands of stranded Indians from returning to Beijing, saying they are “appropriate” to control the spread of COVID-19 and not only target India, but are applied even to Chinese citizens returning from abroad. Responding to questions about the Indian ambassador in Beijing, Vikram Misri’s criticism of China’s strict and prolonged travel restrictions, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying also ruled out easing restrictions. in a close future.Read also – Thailand allows entry without quarantine to vaccinated travelers from these countries | Names here

Misri, in his speech at the Track-II Dialogue on Sino-Indian Relations last week, expressed “disappointment” at China’s reluctance to allow the return of thousands of Indian students, employees and their families. families stranded due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He described China’s restrictions as an “unscientific approach” to a purely humanitarian problem. Read also – Five more countries, including Mongolia, will recognize India’s vaccine certificates | Details here

When asked for his reaction, Hua told a press conference here that the measures had been taken for the safety and well-being of the people. “China’s measures are appropriate and I would also like to say that China is enforcing quarantine measures on all inbound travelers. China is willing to make good arrangements for bilateral staff travel, ”she said. Hua also said travel restrictions are applied to Chinese citizens returning from overseas. Also read – Australia to reopen border to fully vaccinated travelers from THIS country in November

Large number of Chinese nationals, Indian students stranded

There are reports that a large number of Chinese nationals stranded in India have not been able to return due to strict travel restrictions and the suspension of flights. “China needs to take a lot of quarantine measures, but they’re not just targeting India. It also applies to everyone, including Chinese citizens returning to China, ”Hua said.

Besides more than 23,000 Indian students studying at Chinese universities, mainly in medicine, hundreds of businessmen, employees and their families have been stranded in India since last year. The borders have also resulted in the loss of jobs, businesses or the separation of families for several people.

“While ensuring security, we are ready to work with countries like India by making the appropriate arrangements. But I don’t mean that we are going to solve the problem immediately, ”Hua said when asked if China would discuss resuming travel with India. “Our measures are appropriate and we will make the necessary adjustments as the situation evolves,” she said.

“China adopts COVID-19 protocols scientifically”

Hua also said that China is adopting COVID-19 protocols in a scientific manner. “Since the onset of COVID-19, China has adopted quarantine measures in a scientific manner based on law,” she said. “The pandemic continues to spread around the world. Thus, the Chinese government has taken many measures and we are also adjusting the measures according to the development of the situation to protect the safety and health of the personnel concerned, ”she said.

A more balanced and sensitive approach expected: India

In his speech, Ambassador Misri said: “Much less complex issues, which have a purely humanitarian context and are not linked to bilateral diplomatic positions, such as the facilitation of the movement of students, men of business and family members stranded from India to China for more than a year and a half, expect a more balanced and sensitive approach.

“I might add here that India has also tried to keep our trade and trade relations free from current differences, for example by continuing to issue visas to Chinese businessmen to travel to India,” a- he declared. However, we are disappointed to see an unscientific approach to several issues currently facing Indian students, businessmen, sailors and exporters, to name a few, ”the Ambassador said. .

Meanwhile, according to the Indian Embassy in Beijing, several students demonstrated outside the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi on Monday to protest visa restrictions that effectively prevented them from returning to resume their studies in the country.



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