ConcernedApe Explains How Haunted Chocolatier’s Fight Is Different From Stardew Valley



Stardew Valley developer ConcernedApe discusses some of the differences between Haunted Chocolatier’s combat and that of its previous game.

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The independent farming game Valley of stars has taken the internet by storm, catapulting its one-man developer team, Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone, to stardom. Now ConcernedApe has focused on another title, the next one Haunted Chocolatier, which should add to the foundation of Valley of stars with more emphasis on combat and the addition of store mechanics. Recently ConcernedApe has gone out of its way to show some of the ways Haunted Chocolatierthe fight will be different from what Valley of stars players can remember it.


In Valley of stars, combat was relatively straightforward, focusing on mobility, timing, food buffs, and strategic use of bombs. This straightforward approach to battle worked well in a game where combat was just a small part of the mechanics, but Haunted Chocolatier is set to make players more interested in finding and fighting monsters, so the combat mechanics should undergo a serious overhaul.

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According to a recent ConcernedApe blog post, Haunted Chocolatierthe fight of will not be copied / pasted from Valley of stars–in fact, it’s coded and drawn from scratch. Haunted Chocolatier combat will feature shields capable of blocking most attacks, which immediately changes the pace of the battle. Once the player blocks an attack, there is a good chance that the enemy will be knocked out, allowing the player to attack them much faster.

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ConcernedApe said the stunning shield and mechanics will reward careful and patient players willing to wait for a window of opportunity, but that’s not the only way to play. Haunted Chocolatier. Players will also be able to charge aggressively and defeat enemies faster with higher risk to themselves. According to ConcernedApe, more aggressive players will be able to equip freehand items other than shields that will complement less defense-oriented playstyles. Presumably, these new items will be equipped with equally effective mechanisms.

The developer also noted that he is creating the game’s visuals from scratch rather than editing. Valley of starsvisuals, combat mechanics currently seem a bit rough. He said it’s because Haunted ChocolatierThe fight is still ongoing and has warned fans that he may end up changing his mind in the future and reworking everything he has shown so far. Additionally, he plans to keep his cards close to his chest and leave as many mysteries as possible for players to discover. This means that he has no plans to release the game until he considers it fun – and done – in every way.

Haunted Chocolatier is currently in development.

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