Dr Disrespect Criticizes Warzone “Dated” As Battle Royale Problem Continues


Streaming star Dr Disrespect once again took aim at the developers at Warzone on the state of the game, saying he felt “broken” and “dated” amid a few glitches.

With his background in game development and having created half of the maps in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Dr Disrespect has no problem suing developers when he feels something is wrong.

He’s regularly gone after the developers at PUBG, knocked at Epic Games, and he’s not afraid to give Activision and Raven Software both kegs when he senses something’s wrong with Warzone. The Doc even asked Treyarch to take control of CoD’s battle royale.

The Two-Time has often “left” Warzone, but like everyone else, he’s back before Verdansk is gone for good and CoD: Vanguard’s Pacific map takes over. However, he still has a few complaints.

Twitch: DrDisrespect

The Doc never hesitates to have his opinion on things.

During his October 30 stream, the streaming star was hunting for wins with random partners when, during a match, he was passed by an enemy at the airport.

The document had his sniper lined up, waiting for the reflection of his enemy’s scope so that he could shoot in the head, but the reflection never presented itself. This sparked him into yet another battle royale bashing.

“I’m coming out of the reflection, right… No reflection?” Is he capable of reaching a peak? Man, this game is broken in a lot of ways, man, ”complained the Two-Time as he escaped the Gulag. “Like, this game is at a kid’s level of networking, coding, and programming, it just feels like it’s dated.”

2:06:27 timestamp

While frustrated with what had happened, the Doc didn’t embark on any of his signing rage saves and found nothing else to play. He just kept playing Warzone for a bit longer.

With the hype surrounding CoD: Vanguard’s integration building, Two-Time is unlikely to turn its back on the battle royale anytime soon, but he’s not its biggest fan just yet.


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