Dr Disrespect Praises New Battle Royale Super People Game


After falling in love with Call of Duty: Warzone, Dr Disrespect may have found a replacement in PUBG’s Super People.

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YouTube streamer and content creator Dr Disrespect fell out of battle with battle royale last week Call of Duty: War Zone. Dr Disrespect even went so far as to say that Activision and Raven Software should remove the new Caldera card. But Dr Disrespect may have found a new battle royale to replace Call of Duty: War Zone. In a recent stream, Dr Disrespect played a closed beta of Great people, a new battle royale. The YouTuber liked what he played Great people, and intends to “get good” over time.


Following a session of Great people, Dr. Disrespect answered a question from his cat asking him to summarize his thoughts. Dr Disrespect was not aggressively positive about his experience, but he had good things to say about Great people. “I really like it,” said Dr Disrespect, characterizing his pleasure in Great people like a “breath of fresh air” following his recent frustrations while playing Call of Duty: War Zone.

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Dr Disrespect’s plans for his future with Great people. He says he really wants to “get good at the game” and that playing it “makes me wanna get good”. He then recognizes the difficult aspects of Great peopleThe gameplay of, which deserves to be better learned, describing it as “fluent” in the way players can use heals, use items, craft items while playing aggressively. “Watching the best players do their thing makes me want to improve,” said Dr Disrespect. “I have to be super fluid to win.”

While Dr Disrespect is certainly excited about his time with Great people and he confirms that he will play more in the future, his comments are atypically constrained given his frequent exaggerations and strong language. He doesn’t necessarily say he’ll play Great people on other battle royale games, even Call of Duty: War Zone. he does not describe Great people like better than other battles royals, or whatever. But for Dr Disrespect, recognizing the potential of a new game is definitely a positive for the next battle royale.

Dr. Disrespect is popular enough that only he can change the direction of Great peoplethe future. The Battles Royals genre is extremely saturated and it is difficult to enter the market, with the attention of major streamers almost necessary to establish a game. This could be a key moment in the game. Great peopleis built towards launch.

For now, Great people doesn’t have a release date, either for Early Access or a full launch. It is currently in closed beta and interested Battle Royale players can access the game’s Steam profile and request to join with one click. Otherwise, expect to hear news regarding Great people later in 2022.

Great people is available in closed beta on PC.

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