Explore and command an army of Wyverns in the upcoming strategy game Call Of Dragons


Farlight Games, the publisher behind Dislyte, has announced a new medieval fantasy RTS mobile game: Call of Dragons. In Call of Dragons, players will lead an army of wyverns and dragons across what Farlight calls a “massive, infinitely zoomable battlefield.”

In addition to real-time strategy mechanics, players will also be able to create and fortify villages, raise an army, take over neighboring kingdoms, or work with other players to build alliances. The game rewards exploration as well as combat prowess.

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As players build their army, they will also have the chance to explore the “infinitely zoomable” world of Call of Dragon, unlock mini-games, and take on various side quests. They can also travel the land in search of fragments of lost songs that reveal the history of this world, called Tamaris.

As players explore and level up, they will also unlock artifacts that can empower their heroes and alter battle strategies. Besides conquering the land, players can also conquer the sky with a fleet of flying dragons.


Perhaps Call of Dragons’ most unique element is its large map, which can be both explored and claimed by players. Dragons can also be used to access more inaccessible sections.

Call of Dragons is coming to iOS and Android mobile devices later this year. You can learn more about the game and pre-register on the official Call of Dragons website.

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