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Many of the trailers that Luminous Productions and Square Enix released for Speak focus on the game’s magic system, and for good reason. Frey Holland may have been taken from Earth and thrown onto Athia without warning, but as a witch, she’s a natural. In Speak, players will have tons of ways to obliterate their enemies, whether they prefer to bombard enemies with rapid-fire rocks or smash the enemy in an ice blast. Luminous and Square Enix may not have gone into detail about how spellcasting works yet, but Speak clearly offers players a lot of freedom in their spell.


While Speak seems to put power in the hands of the player through magic, this design also raises questions about the design of the enemy. While it’s important for players to feel powerful, it’s also important to design enemies that are worth using. If Frey’s magic constantly overwhelms everyone she meets, then Speakthe fight will become dull, but if Speak enemies can fend off Frey’s attacks with ease, and then players will feel helpless and frustrated before long. Luminous Productions must manufacture each type of Speak carefully the enemy, making sure they all pose a reasonable threat, even in the face of Speakelaborate magic system.

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The Challenges Facing Unacknowledged Enemies

forgotten dragon

SpeakMagic looks especially menacing to smaller enemies Frey will encounter. Many of Frey’s spells appear to be area-of-effect spells, dealing damage across large swaths of Frey’s battlefield, meaning she’s naturally well-equipped to take out hordes of fragile enemies in an instant. . A Speak The gameplay clip shows Frey effortlessly kiting around a group of zombie-like enemies, bombarding them with spells. Weak but coordinated hordes of enemies are a valuable threat class in action-adventure and action-RPG titles like Speak, so Luminous has to make sure the enemy hordes aren’t overwhelmed by Frey’s spells all the time.

The biggest Speak enemies, like the dragon presented at the beginning Speak trailer, must also be carefully crafted in the face of the game’s emphasis on magic. On the one hand, Frey could circle around enemies like the dragon thanks to his long range and high mobility. On the other hand, if SpeakFrey’s biggest enemies are just as fast as Frey and leave him no room to breathe, so boss battles might prove more stressful than fun. Large enemies need ways to occasionally close the gap and pose a ranged threat, rather than breaking all of Frey’s spells, rendering the player powerless.

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A balanced combat system


A magical combat system means Speak raises unique balancing issues, but there’s still hope for a balanced fight. Hordes of flimsy enemies can always put Frey at risk if Luminous comes up with unique ways to approach him, whether enemies suddenly attack him from all directions at once or occasionally fall from the sky. Fat Speak enemies should also successfully fight Frey, despite Speakflashy movement system, as long as they have their own ranged options and area-of-effect attacks that can grab Frey and help them close the gap without feeling unstoppable.

Generally, SpeakThe fight seems to have some pretty bright moments. Luminous and Square Enix have teased climactic battles with the tyrannical Tantas, whose magical powers are sure to give Frey a run for his money. Nevertheless, SpeakCombat must shine outside of Frey’s battles with his magical equals. All monsters that roam Athia should be worthy opponents that are difficult but satisfying to defeat. The value of Luminous’ innovations in magic combat will be measured by what it’s like to put that magic to good use.

Speak releases May 24, 2022 for PC and PS5.

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