Fortnite x Balenciaga Collaboration Brings High Fashion to Battle Royale



Fortnite is revealing its latest collaboration, but rather than video games or comics, this one is with luxury fashion brand Balenciaga.


Fortnite is no stranger when it comes to crossovers and collaborations. In recent years, the title has become almost synonymous with the arrival of a large number of other franchises and IPs on the island. While Fortnite continues its trend of collaborating with external entities, the latest one is likely to leave some players perplexed: the luxury fashion house Balenciaga.

Epic Games’ ever-popular free-to-play Battle Royale title began its eighth season last week. The new season comes with a redesigned quest interface and the Season 8 Battle Pass, which features an interesting mix of characters. FortniteThe latest Battle Pass includes mostly original skins, with the only major crossover skin being Marvel’s Carnage. While its curious Season 8 doesn’t feel as character-heavy, collaborating with Balenciaga might be the answer.

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Detailed via a blog post on the official website Fortnite website, “Digital Fashion” is heading to the game. Starting September 20 at 8 p.m. EST, players will be able to access a variety of authentically designed Balenciaga skins and cosmetics. Ramirez, Doggo, Banshee and Game Knight are all decked out in the luxury fashion brand’s latest yarns, sporting a chic streetwear look. In addition to the quartet of skins, there is an equal amount of Balenciaga Back Bling backpacks, which seem to match the outfits. Players can also grab the Speed ​​Sneaker Pickaxe, Purse Glider Parasail, Signature Look Wrap, and The Look Emote.


In addition to the drop of Balenciaga cosmetics, Fortnite players can share and show off their style in the new Strange Times Featured Hub. Much like the NBA Creative Hub earlier this year, the Strange Times Hub transports attendees to a strange city, with a virtual Balenciaga store. From September 21 to 28, players can hang out with fashion-forward friends, change their look with the changing rooms and even shop for Balenciaga Fit outfits in the virtual store. Strange Times is also covered by billboards, which will feature participants in the ongoing Fortography Challenge.

While his clear Balenciaga arrives in Fortnite, Fortnite also happens to Balenciaga. The Fortnite x The Balenciaga collection launches today, giving gamers the chance to portray their game on expensive clothes, and they are expensive. A Fortnite the hat goes for $ 395, a t-shirt for $ 495 and a large fit jacket that costs $ 1,290. Even a plain white shirt will cost players $ 1,000, so players may want to start saving if they want to claim a coin from the collection.

While FortniteThe collaboration of with a luxury fashion brand seems strange, it is not as strange as The beyond: the era of tomorrow, Balenciaga video game released to promote its clothing line.

Fortnite is free on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One. and Xbox Series X / S.

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