Iron Man isn’t the only Marvel game EA will be developing


Electronic Arts announced an Iron Man game and also announced that the company has other Marvel games in development.

electronic arts announced that it was developing a Iron Man game, and that it is one of many wonder video games in development. EA has officially announced its Iron Man game today, which is developed by Motive Studio, the team currently working on the dead space remake.

The untitled Iron Man game (assuming it’s not just called Iron Man) is in a very early stage of development and only one key piece of artwork has been released. The game is developed by Motive Studio, with Olivier Proulx, who has experience on games like Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, leading the team. It has been confirmed to be a single-player third-person action-adventure game, following the adventures of Tony Stark during his tenure as Iron Man. It’s unclear at this point whether Ironheart or War Machine will be playable, although they would naturally suit the game gameplay-wise.


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It’s not just Tony Stark who will appear in one of Marvel’s upcoming video games, as there are other titles in development. The official announcement of the Iron Man The game on the Electronic Arts website also featured additional commentary regarding other Marvel titles in the works. It’s been confirmed that EA is working on more Marvel titles, though it’s unclear what properties they will be based on.

“The game is currently in pre-production and we will have more updates as we move forward with development. This is an exciting new collaboration between Marvel and Electronic Arts, Iron Man being the first of several new games.”

EA is rumored to be making a Black Panther game

There have already been rumors about EA’s upcoming Marvel games. Jeff Grubb had previously revealed the existence of the Iron Man game in the past, before today’s official confirmation. In the same post, Grubb also mentioned that EA is working on a Black Panther game and that it would come out sometime later Iron Man. It should be mentioned that this is not the same title as the recently announced Captain America/Black Panther game, which was unveiled at D23 and is being developed by Skydance Studio. There was no word of any involvement with EA in this game and the version of Black Panther in this story is the one that existed during WWII and not the modern incarnation.

The Marvel Universe is vast, and there are plenty of characters and teams that could be part of amazing video game adaptations. The X-Men have been waiting for a new video game for a long time, although Wolverine will have a single-player release in the future. There have been rumors that EA is working on a Marvel fighting game, which could bring together all the greatest heroes and villains into one title. It is likely that EA will only discuss the Iron Man game for the foreseeable future, so it might be a while before the new Marvel games are officially unveiled.

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