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The Mario party franchise is a recurring series published by Nintendo. Beginning with Nintendo 64 in 1998, the following installments have featured on many different Nintendo platforms. While the Mario party the series has gone through various iterations over the years, the next game in the franchise, Mario Party Superstars, is inspired by some of the early games in the collection.

Recently Nintendo released a new trailer for Mario Party Superstars, giving fans a more in-depth look at what to expect from the upcoming game that features elements from existing games. With an enthusiastic announcer providing narration, players received a preview of the content included in the title, such as game modes and tables.

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Among the many details showcased in the trailer, Nintendo gave players another look at the 5 boards coming to launch. These boards based on the first 3 Mario party Nintendo 64 games include Peach’s Birthday Cake, Woody Woods, Yoshi’s Tropical Island, Horror Land, and Space Land. Each of these boards contains unique characteristics, such as King Boo, which can steal stars from the Horror Land board, or the Bowser Coin Beam, which takes player coins on Space Land. Additionally, all of these maps support online play and include random matchmaking for those who want to take on other players from around the world.

Another highlight noted in the trailer was the addition of stickers that allow players to communicate with other party members, a feature that could come in handy for random matchmaking. Additionally, players can save games and end them later when playing with friends.

As well as taking a closer look at these updated classic charts, the trailer gave an overview of some of the minigames available in the game. Some classic minigames from the Mario party series making a comeback in Mario Party Superstars include Face-Lift, Hot Rope Jump, Goomba Spotting and Pushy Penguins. Fans also got to take a look at Mt. Minigames. A hub for playing the many mini-games found in the game, players got a taste of some of the courses such as Sports and Puzzles, Survival, Tag Match, and Daily Challenge. Additionally, the video noted that these modes, like the standard Mario Party mode, include support for online play.

Besides the release of Mario Party Superstars later this month, Nintendo recently launched Terror Metroid. The last opus of the Metroid franchise, the game centers around Samus Aran as she embarks on another dangerous mission, this time to the planet ZDR. As the first new Metroid game to be released on Switch, Terror Metroid has already broken sales records in the UK.

Mario Party Superstars launches for Nintendo Switch on October 29.

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