NASA takes you to space with breathtaking images


Photo: NASA

We all dreamed of becoming astronauts. Only some of them really have a career. Until ten years later, NASA lets us dream. It’s a special photo.

Space is an amazing space, and many are quite capable of doing it too. When we look up we see the beautiful starry sky, the light reflecting the moon and we can still find Mars or Jupiter. Fortunately, NASA makes it a little easier for us to enjoy space.

NASA gave a big surprise for a festive holiday.

Labor Day has just passed in the United States. Today is an event we know best. Unlike ours, this happens every month in the United States. The employees organize a fun event. NASA, which wants to return to the moon, does so in a particular way.

The Hubble Telescope, the predecessor to the James Webb, has shared a gorgeous photo to celebrate Labor Day. This veteran, however, shows that he is still capable of taking great shots.

In the sky the star is in the sky.

The photo that NASA shares shows a telescope at infinity in the high latitude. It is a relatively remote place to be located approximately 158,200 light years from Earth. Here we see thousands of stars and galaxies shining brightly. The stars are in different numbers and temperatures. These bright spots do not appear larger than the others. NASA estimates that the stars make up the entire image, but are concentrated in the center.

NASA captioned this photo. We salute pioneers, star sailors, thinkers, visionaries, doers. We can stab the giants on the ground and go further than humanity has ever been. With this, the space institute honors all the scientists who have helped us learn more about space.

This isn’t NASA’s only beautiful snapshot. They are no longer a star in the Tarantula Nebula system. Unlike our own Milky Way, this galaxy produces stars in rapid succession.

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NASA takes you to space with beautiful photographs.


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