New Star Wars FPS Game Should Be About Clone Wars ARC Troopers


Star Wars fans could previously play as Republic clone commandos, but Respawn’s new FPS is expected to focus on Clone Wars ARC troopers instead.

EA and Respawn Entertainment recently announced a new star wars FPS, and while no other information about the project has been released, it would be great if it focused on ARC troopers during the Clone Wars. Clone Wars content helped galvanize the much maligned Star Wars Battlefront 2 after its launch in 2017, and the clones themselves have become a fan-favorite part of the galaxy far, far away. As the elite clone army troopers, an ARC soldier FPS would be exciting for players to work alongside or even become.

ARC Troopers were first introduced in 2003 clone wars micro-series then fleshed out in more detail in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which ran for seven seasons. The ARC Troopers, or Advanced Recon Commandos, were considered the finest soldiers in the Grand Army of the Republic, with many clone cadets aiming to become one. Like the Republic clone commandos, ARC troopers were equipped with the best gear, a unique set of armor, and the Jedi often sent them on missions deemed too dangerous for the average clone.


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It’s been a long time since a star wars game was set exclusively in the prequel era, with the latest being the Clone Wars Adventures MMO in 2010, so now is a good time to revisit that period. The missions seen in the clone wars easily lend themselves to game missions, and the storylines of the series could be intertwined with the gameplay. Due to the nature of ARC soldiers being elite soldiers, it makes perfect sense to have them at the base of the new non-battle front star wars FPS.

ARC troopers were a highlight of the Clone Wars series

Rex Star Wars Every Clone Who Avoided Order 66 Programming

With a Clone Wars FPS, players would experience the Clone Wars like never before, allowing them to see the conflict from start to finish. Playing as a clone trooper, the player could rise through the ranks to become an ARC trooper working alongside his legion and Jedi commander. As the game progresses, the player would suffer the devastating fallout of Order 66, making an ARC soldier star wars more intriguing and emotional game.

If Respawn sets the new star wars FPS in Clone Wars, players could then interact with and possibly do missions alongside famous ARC soldiers such as Fives, Echo or Rex. Potential missions could include assisting them in their mission to rescue Jedi Master Even Piell from the Citadel on Lola Sayu. Including established characters like Rex (who many hoped would be added as a hero in Star Wars Battlefront 2) could create interesting and moving content due to the plight of Fives and Echo, the latter of which is now a regular feature in The bad lot animated series.

Clone Wars Resurrected Battlefront 2 Content

Star Wars Battlefront 2 had one of the most controversial launches in gaming history, with its story described as poor and many criticizing the use of microtransactions and loot boxes. Even so, over time, Battlefront 2 was able to reverse its fortunes – largely thanks to its focus on Clone Wars-era content in 2018 and 2019 respectively. Battlefront 2 added Clone Wars content in the game’s third season in 2018, and many critics credit this as the reason for the game’s return.

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Another Star Wars FPS that got great reviews was Star Wars: Republic Commandoreleased in 2005. This game saw players take on the role of clone trooper leader “Boss” of Delta Squad, an elite commando unit, and follows the team through various missions throughout the war. Star Wars: Republic Commando is a Clone Wars classic and has gained a cult following among fans. Commandos are different from ARC troopers, as the latter worked more closely with the Jedi, but it illustrates that an FPS focused on elite clone troopers can be successful.

Previous games in the prequel era tended to focus on the Jedi and the overall battle of good versus evil. However, the original Star Wars: Battlefront 2, released in 2005, was well received by fans and critics alike, and featured a gripping solo that told the story of the 501st from the start of the Clone Wars to the height of the Empire. The Clone Wars era is ripe with potential for future canon star wars games, and using ARC soldiers seems like the right step for EA and Lucasfilm Games.

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