Next Apex Legends Bloodhound event will bring back PvE combat



At present, Apex Legends Developer Respawn Entertainment is working hard to try and stabilize the game’s servers. Some bugs and technical issues have been fixed, but a larger fix for Apex Legends‘servers are expected on Wednesday September 22. Of course, even with that in mind, the game is still looking ahead.

For example, while the introduction of Big Maude to World’s Edge introduced players to a new POI in Apex Legends, a new event is apparently starting soon. Well known Apex Legends Dataminer Shrugtal has revealed new details regarding a new “story” event that focuses on Bloodhound and sees the return of PvE, which hasn’t been seen since the Broken Ghost quest in Season 5.

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This new quest / event, titled “Old Ways, New Dawn,” focuses on Bloodhound’s conflict with Hammond’s destruction of World’s Edge, at least based on the teasers in the trailers for Apex Legendscurrent season. According to Shrugtal, this event is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, September 28. It will have a few updates before it ends just before the Monsters event, which will then last the rest of the season.

In this event, Apex Legends players will be able to face NPCs instead of other players unlike the more recent stories and quests which have been pure mediums for storytelling. Shrugtal only cites “a little bit of fighting,” but it’s still something the game hasn’t seen in over five seasons. It’s unclear if this is the start of a new trend, but character-driven story events with an emphasis on PvE combat can be welcomed by many.

Shrugtal says the intro quest is September 28, 2021, with part one starting September 29. Part 2 will follow on October 2, and Part 3 and the final will unlock on October 5. Whatever happens with the finale, it’s slated to last in-game until the Monsters event, which appears to be part of Apex Legends‘Halloween Events, October 12.

Completing all games will give players three Apex Legends packs that unlock new cosmetics (rare and superior) for Bloodhound, and there is a new skin for Bloodhound as part of the event. It’s not free, however, and will need to be purchased on its own or as a bundle. Right now the skin shows a black Artur due to an issue, but Shrugtal says it’s supposed to be the White Raven teased in the trailer, something that will hopefully get fixed the most. early as possible.

Apex Legends is now available for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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