OlliOlli World Announces Danny Trejo As Game NPC Giving Quests


Pulp cinema icon Danny Trejo will appear in the game platformer OlliOlli World as an NPC giving quests that players can find for a handsome reward.

Skating game OlliOlli World is getting a special celebrity guest to hand out quests to players when it launches next week: Danny Trejo. The 77-year-old actor has earned a legendary reputation among cult film fans for his many roles in movies like Crusher and Macheteas well as television appearances on shows like the flash and rick and morty. More recently, Danny Trejo appeared on Disney Plus star wars spin-off series Boba Fett’s Book as the grizzled guardian of Rancor who provides the titular bounty hunter-turned-crime boss with a new pet to replace the one who was killed in Return of the Jedi.


Danny Trejo has also lent his distinct raspy voice to numerous video games over the years, dating back to his first virtual supporting role as a villainous enforcer in 2004. Def Jam: Fight for NY. From there, Trejo’s voice and likeness was used for Cuban gang leader Umberto Robina in Grand Theft Auto Vice City and its 2006 spin-off Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Storieshe appeared as Raul Alfonso Tejada in Fallout: New Vegasand Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 players could even take control of him in the 2019 FPS Battle Royale mode. Danny Trejo’s most recent video game role was in the Far Cry 6: Danny and Dani vs Everyone DLC, where he teams up with playable character Dani to get revenge on Antón Castillo after the tyrant’s army refuses to let him make tacos to feed the needy. Many of Danny Trejo’s on-screen roles are as sleazy criminals or well-meaning individuals with dark and violent pasts, so the cult icon’s latest appearance in gaming might come as a surprise to fans.

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VGC reports that Danny Trejo will be featured as an NPC in the upcoming OlliOlli World. His in-game character is modeled after himself and is hidden somewhere in the bright and colorful town of Radlandia, a virtual playground for aspiring skateboarders to pull off all sorts of awesome skateboard tricks. If players can find him, Danny Trejo will give them a special quest to complete in exchange for a special cosmetic item for their character.

OlliOlli World Danny Trejo

OlliOlli World is the third installment in developer Roll7’s series of colorful 2D skateboard decks, following 2014 OlliOlli and 2015 OlliOlli 2. This latest game aims to expand on the formula of previous titles, adding extravagant environments, branching narrative paths and a wide range of OlliOlli WorldCharacter customization options will allow players to jump, flip, and smash their way through Radlandia in style. First previews for OlliOlli World praised the upcoming sequel for its more expressive art style and colorful plot of a group of friends trying to make a name for themselves as skateboarders.

It’s always fun to see beloved celebrities like Danny Trejo lend their talents to upcoming video games, especially if the game in question is something gamers wouldn’t expect to see them in. Players likely won’t know the whereabouts of Dany Trejo’s cartoonish avatar or what quest he’ll give anyone who finds him until OlliOlli World launching on February 8.

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Source: VGC

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