Profane details the Portinus, shows new screenshots and says combat testing is ‘close’


This week the Profane The team teased with new gameplay footage in the works and announced that a first combat test with community input is “close”.

The minute-long clip is made up of screenshots, so we can’t really get a glimpse of the systems the Insane team is still working on, but these shots are from an internal playtest that took place. took place recently. Still, having them show off some of the Semisus characters and world they’re building (this will allow players to build on later, naturally). Among the shots are figures in fields, on a coast looking through rock at the water at sunset, against stars in the sky and some tower-like formations in the background. It’s a great variety.

There will be more information coming next week on plans for a combat test, as well as how community members can get involved.

The Profane Saramantis Social Community Manager as well published a recent blog on IndieDB preview of the Portinus culture, a people whose lives are influenced by the Mind element, and who are known to be an inquisitive, free-spirited, seafaring people who embrace ideas and change. Portinus are creative and expressive, with a history of art, music and color, with a boisterous nature. You might find peddlers, bards, or some of the less honest types like pickpockets or buccaneers. Ultimately, they are creative, competitive, and proud of their expression and ideas. “It’s common to see small gatherings turn into big parties, and many festivities take place throughout the year,” they describe.

They settle by the sea and the buildings use natural elements like stone and wood to build there. Unlike some societies, they don’t worship gods, they worship celebrities with high status, so originality is valuable and can earn you seats. Their embrace of freedom extends to their society and they are known as highly egalitarian.

The design process involved drawing inspiration from Middle Eastern cultures for art, as well as clothing from Bosnia. The music has a certain Spanish influence. There are more contributions and the team will reveal many more down the line.

Head to the Profane to place to learn more about the game.


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