Psychonauts 2 update adds combat arenas and more



Two months after launch, Psychonauts 2 receives its first major update for Success Hunters aimed at obtaining all of its tricky collectibles.


One of the biggest surprises of 2021 has been Psychonauts 2, the long-awaited sequel to Double Fine Productions’ cult 3D platformer in 2005. Thanks to a major marketing boost from Xbox Game Studios after being purchased by Microsoft in 2019, including the game’s first day on Xbox Game Pass, Double Fine’s new adventure through the minds of a wonderful cast has been a major success on Xbox, PC and PlayStation platforms. Now, just over two months after launch, Double Fine has released the latest update for Psychonauts 2, which adds new features to help performance hunters.


Psychonauts 2 was first announced at the 2015 Game Awards, when it was revealed that the game would be funded primarily through a crowdfunding campaign. After the game grossed over $ 3 million by the end of its campaign, a VR spin-off named Psychonauts in the ruin diamond was announced for release on PSVR, which would tie together the events of the original game and its upcoming sequel. In 2019, after the game had already suffered a number of delays and lost its original publisher, Double Fine announced at E3 that it had been purchased by Microsoft, ultimately helping to avoid cutting more content and allowing Double Fine to be more ambitious with Psychonauts 2the scope of.

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Now that the dust has settled, Double Fine has released a new quality of life update for Psychonauts 2 aimed at providing a better experience for Trophy and Trophy Hunters looking to acquire all the collectibles in the game. This includes the introduction of a new battle arena to allow players to level up psychic and acquire currencies to buy upgrades for their abilities. There is also a new filter included in the game’s photo mode that will highlight the often hard to find “miniatures” that scatter the game worlds.

As Double Fine points out in the development video recently released for the update, Psychonauts 2S achievements have always been designed to be fun to earn, so these upgrades are meant to keep fans coming back to the game without being intimidated by the more difficult achievements.

When Psychonauts 2 Launched in late August after nearly six years of development, it immediately met with largely positive reviews, with review aggregator Metacritic listing it with an 89 for the PC version, making it one of the top rated games on 2021. Best of all, the game was accessible to more gamers than ever before thanks to its inclusion in Xbox Game Pass for PC, Xbox consoles, mobile platforms through Xbox Cloud Gaming and even a PlayStation 4 version.

Psychonauts 2 is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S. The game is also included with Xbox Game Pass.

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