Shroud: “I’m just not into battle royales right now”


When the shroud was still playing CS: GO professionally for Cloud9, he couldn’t stay away from Battle Royale games while he was broadcasting. And he was one of the first players in the world to be dominant in this genre.

These days, however, after playing almost every popular Battle Royale game, including games like Call of Duty: Warzone and Escape from Tarkov, the North American lost interest. “No, I’m just not in BR [battle royales] right now i don’t care about BR at all, that’s the only thing keeping me away,” shroud told a viewer in one of his latest streams while playing Apex Legends.

The reason shroud thinks Battle Royales games are boring right now might be because the genre has become popular over the past few years and a dozen companies have been developing games. These games, however, share a similar formula.

This isn’t the first time shroud has complained about battle royales in one of his streams. the old CS: GO pro said in February 2022 that battle royales are terrible. “The format is poop unless someone invents a new format, but current BR formats piss me off,” he said.

Shroud has streamed fewer Battle Royale tiles in the past 30 days, according to Twitch stats website SullyGnome. North America mainly broadcast lost ark (111 hours), The Cycle: Frontier (28 hours), and VALORANTS (20 hours).


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