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The PlayStation 5 has tons of exciting games on the way, from Horizon forbidden to the west at God of War: Ragnarok, but the console is worn by more than big names like these. It also offers a ton of compelling indie games, like Sifu, the new martial arts brawler from Sloclap. Sifu has had a recurring presence in Sony’s PlayStation marketing, getting trailers at a few different online conferences, and it has already developed an following. Martial arts games aren’t as prevalent in the gaming industry as they used to be, but Sifu’s fluid combat and environmental adaptation makes many optimistic that it will reinvigorate the genre.


New Sloclap gameplay trailer gives fans even more reason to be optimistic Sifu. Sloclap provided a detailed analysis of how the game’s combat works. It involves stringing together blocks and parries with opportunistic and creative attacks, resulting in a complex combat system that rewards quick thinking, creativity and practice. . SifuThe compelling combat concept of is a good sign for the game itself, but it also means a lot to its genre. Yes SifuSloclap’s fight is as fun as it sounds, so the chances of other studios emulating Sloclap’s latest project will only increase.

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Sifu’s combat mechanics explained


Sifu offers players a wide variety of both offensive and defensive skills in combat. The protagonist, a student of Pak-Mei Kung-Fu, is very mobile even in the heat of the moment, and players are encouraged to use their character’s dexterity to keep them safe. Players can block and parry hits to create openings before fighting back, but dodging is also a valuable skill; in Sifu, players can dodge or jump to escape incoming attacks, and they can jump over various parts of the Sifuthe environment to reposition itself too. Once players get to where they want to be in combat, they can strike back.

As you would expect from a martial arts brawler, there are many ways to attack. Sifu has a very detailed combo system where various light and heavy attack patterns can stun, knock down or knock back enemies. Like Sifusuggested trailers, players can improvise weapons out of the environment as well. While there are obvious potential weapons like bats and glass bottles, players can also interact with the environment more broadly to attack; the fight trailer shows the Sifu protagonist kicking an enemy in a chair as a makeshift projectile. In a pinch, the player can also use Focus to perform a powerful technique at the expense of stored energy. All of these combat options are packaged in a minimalist HUD for maximum immersion.

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Sifu’s ideas deserve imitators


If it remains to be seen whether SifuThe system works as well as advertised, it is extremely convincing on paper. Its combination of skillful close-quarters combat, high-stakes action, realistic kung fu techniques, and incentives for players to learn make it a game concept that’s hard to compare to any other product on the market. With that in mind, I hope Sifu isn’t the only one in the longtime martial arts brawler genre. It is often said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and the design of Sloclap should definitely be emulated. Yes Sifu can offer as much as an indie title, then AAA Studios can certainly offer something as exciting in the same genre.

It will be interesting to see how a splash Sifu done when it finally arrives on PS5. It certainly has a lot of notable competitors on Sony’s next-gen console, but Sifu could be unique enough to make a name for itself. Fans keen to play the game will be happy to hear that the wait is shorter than expected; Sloclap plans to release Sifu early February instead of late February. With an increasingly exciting combat system and a release date quickly approaching in stores, things are looking up for Sifu.

Sifu releases February 8, 2022 for PC, PS4, and PS5.

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