Sport speaks! On vaccinations (or their absence), UNM game day experience



ASK WHY I should make the effort to support Lobo football and even basketball when players can’t make the effort to get vaccinated. Why? Because they are “uncomfortable” with it? Because Nikki Minaj said a friend of a relative … shriveled up (wrong)? Because there’s no NIL money in it for them? Because of Mark of the Beast tracking devices, are horse medications any better? Self-centered?

– Davario

UNM WANTS a credit card payment of $ 12 just for parking; the Isotopes want $ 5 cash only. UNM’s faulty concession credit card machines contributed to long queues; for concessions, the Isotopes accept cash or credit cards. The Isotopes ask customers to empty their pockets and pass them through a metal detector, confiscating small Swiss Army knives. You have to pay extra on top of regular cable TV for ESPN + and Stadium to watch the Lobos game (thanks Mountain West). Lobos 100% unvaccinated against COVID-19 can’t even beat a modest UTEP team. Hassle, confusion, and disappointment abound in Duke City.

– Joseph

EVERY YEAR As the football season heats up, the Journal’s baseball coverage goes from very bad to really worse. I realize that as a brain game it won’t appeal to many New Mexicans, but there are still a few of us who want pennant racing and playoff coverage. Please increase your coverage throughout the World Series. Go the cards!

– Fredbird the red bird

RORY MCILROY was in tears and profaning profanity during a live television interview. There weren’t too many eccentric smiles from Sergio Garcia. The 19-9 move the USA team gave Europe with the greatest margin of victory in modern Ryder Cup history reminds me of a quote from former Las Cruces Mayfield football coach the late Jim Bradley, Sr., who after winning a playoff game in Albuquerque said, “We got out there and punched them right in the mouth.”

– SSU trainer

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