Successful Battle Royale Game Seeks To Add Blockchain With Metaverse Rotation


Blockchain-based games have yet to take over the world. Large developers are testing the waters and small teams have yet to master a successful project. With little familiarity, many games still focus on the non-fungible token component (NFT) more than the gameplay itself, with many versions being as simple as raising pets or other objects collection of characters. Therefore, if you remove NFTs from new project releases, games will have no legs to stand on due to the lack of intelligible gameplay.

However, it is believed that for these games to take off, developers need to start putting interesting gameplay first and NFT features second. Regardless of genre, match-3, battle royale, and other tactical strategy trends have proven to stay on top of the charts. When applied correctly, these discoveries can be combined to create a metaverse that continues to entertain an audience long term.

To meet this challenge, Axes Metaverse is a project that combines all the aspects mentioned above to make gameplay and skill improvement much more appealing to users. As one of the project’s team members shares, “some of the existing play-to-win projects offer such terrible gaming experiences that they have to pay users to play.”

In contrast, the Metaverse is based on, a game with 35 million installs and 30,000 daily active users (DAUs). It wasn’t until the initial success of in their community that the team started considering adding blockchain technology.

Where Gameplay Marries Blockchain

Going deeper into the gameplay, the team added player versus player (PvP) modes and simultaneously reinvented player versus environment (PvE) modes.

With the PvP mode, the team plans to increase engagement and add a competitive element, ensuring players are motivated to win and compete against other players. These additions will establish a solid foundation for in-game mechanics to win such as leaderboards, ensuring that the best players receive tokens as rewards for their results in tournaments.

In PvE mode, gameplay will resemble something closer to dungeons or raids, where earning tokens is a passive activity. Being passive becomes essential to ensure players always focus on gameplay and improving their skills rather than getting paid.

In alignment with modern mobile games, visuals have become essential. These developments have suggested that even the most casual games, with only basic shapes and simple backgrounds, are evolving in response to player demand. The demand stems from the focus on existing graphics on PCs and consoles, which present a new standard to associate with NFT games. Unfortunately, cool visuals are rare because AAA publishers and other developers with the budget to bring these games to life have yet to enter the market.

The result was a low-poly style for that looks cool and allows players to create games in different settings, ranging from realism to sci-fi to fantasy. For gamers, this feature can be useful for creating a metaverse project that has different genres, where you can upgrade a character in one game and cast another, then move the project there as well.

More information about the axes metaverse here

One final area the game focuses on is budget. Currently, major game companies have not yet focused on NFT projects, with the majority only focusing on technology, notwithstanding Ubisoft and Microsoft. In the case of Axes Metaverse, a project of Whitepalms Developments Ltd with Azur Games, an investment of $2 million has already been made for the development and expansion of the metaverse.

Leading the Next Round of Efforts

To date, Azur Games, the publisher of Axes Metaverse, has achieved some success by becoming one of the top 3 mobile game publishers and the 7 mobile publisher.

These efforts should drive the team’s next set of efforts, including the release of a closed alpha version of Axes Metaverse for NFT holders. Along with the release, also indicated a token sale, running a playtest for the whole community and releasing the first chapter of Axes Metaverse. These are just a few of the team’s plans outlined on the official roadmap.

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