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Last week, On our Discord server, we suggested the following topic for talk and discuss:

What’s the best video game setting in space?

Today is the time to go over the best responses we have received, as well as to leave comments on this article available to you so that you can share your opinion with the rest of the community.

We will start with our reader SpartaWho told us:

“In terms of exploration, I absolutely love No Man’s Sky. Even though it was a bad start, I think today is a very good game.

No men As Hello Games mentioned as the first option:

“For me, No Man’s Sky because it has an almost endless world and thousands of possibilities, 10/10.”

Texas Comment this:

“The first thing that comes to my mind is Dead Space, I loved it at the time and there will be a remake soon.”

sand man He also mentions Dead Space without going into details, although he did add Mass Effect, stating that “Better than these two, there isn’t one for me,” while atmosphere He left us a short title, “Wildlife Outdoors! “

Looks like a game with Isaac Clark really liked alba_vaca Leave the following message about it:

“For the setting and the immersive feel, I think the original Dead Space is the best gaming game in space. In the hell of the night, with the lights and headphones on, you might feel the urge to survive in a claustrophobic environment with dangers lurking in every corner of this abandoned ship. Then it seemed to me that the formula was repeated and there wasn’t much surprise, but the first sense of the origin was unique ”.

Alejandro Espinosa Bring something different:

“For the realism of a place that achieves a sense of simulation, I would say Elite Dangerous. MMO with good knowledge, a lot to do (mining, hacking, trading, exploration, etc.) and very addicting (possibility to play with a joystick). It does not include graphic distractions. and the technology that the game shows. You have spent many hours fighting space pirates, discovering black holes in every corner of the galaxy, and doing space tourism. Hello Commander!

TendonFor his part, he told us the following:

“It also really depends on what kind of game you like to play. For me, the Mass Effect games are an interplanetary wonder. Dead Space is ideal if you also want to feel fear and tension while playing. Alien Isolation is an alternative if you prefer less filming and a story. “. More than that, be ready to jump out of your seat in a matter of moments. For more platforms, we also have some fun Ratchet & Clank games. If you prefer strategy and management games, Stellaris could be a great choice. For all tastes. “

This is definitely excellent advice. himself Another added: “There is some kind of weird indie film that I don’t know how to index: goodbye.”

a call He told us that “a somewhat unknown platform called a black hole is being pulled into space,” while citizen He gave us the short phrase “Hi Lee, 1 to Infinite”. It hasn’t come out yet.

We conclude with the message he left us lukewarm sir He says the following:

“Alien loneliness. I felt complete loneliness in a huge drifting hull. Not only that, the presence of the Xenomorph and the incredible AI put me to the test. I recommend playing with maximum difficulty. Just awesome.”

Have the comments so that you can share the best space game for you with everyone. Thank you very much for your participation.

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