The Last of Us 2 player shows off impressive combat skills while ripping through Scar Turf


The much-publicized brutality of The Last of Us 2 can be seen in a player’s cinematic and aggressive combat during the game’s first Scar sequence.

Whether the last of us 2 were to be reduced to a singular theme that permeates it through and through, it would be the consequence of brutality. Brutality is depicted in character actions from a narrative perspective, whether players side with one character or multiple characters, and is the source of immense controversy that exists to this day about the last of us 2importants events.

Not unlike The last of us‘, the brutality also extends to the choices players can make in gameplay, and the brutality is depicted in incredibly violent animations during combat sequences. Ellie’s clueless warpath is accentuated in the means by which players can attack enemies, and a player’s exceptional combat skills demonstrate just how cinematic and satisfying the last of us 2is the fight.


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Recklessly sprinting into an encounter is generally not advised as players will inevitably draw the attention of any enemies in the area, but Redditor u/aberrat0r’s situational awareness and proficiency in close combat is a treat for the eyes. With the understanding of enemy locations and maybe a bit of RNG, abberat0r instantly lines up explosive arrow shots and smoke bombs as they traverse the dark woods, and the last of us 2The resulting fight is particularly gruesome.

the last of us 2‘s unique dodge mechanic is used with precision to evade attacks, as abberat0r eliminates almost all enemies from head to toe, and abberat0r defaults to using Ellie’s switchblade between all instruments of available melee looted on slain enemies. A particularly close encounter occurs when Ellie crawls while lying down and fires her silenced pistol at a Scar who is seconds away from shooting her, before lunging forward and killing the Scar with an axe.

the last of us 2WLF Affiliates are armed to the teeth and are usually accompanied by hostile dogs that can sniff out players, which greatly adds to its brutality when players are backed into a corner and have the option of killing them to increase their chances to survive an encounter. . But players’ first encounter with Scars is a harrowing streak that they can approach with precarious stealth, aggressive combat, or a combination of the two.

the last of us 2 features a plethora of accessibility options that help players customize the experience exactly how they prefer. Although it may help players and make the last of us 2 easier, it also allows players to make it much harder, to the point of Grounded Permadeath mode. Either way, abberat0r’s skill in combat is a showcase of fun and engagement the last of us 2 is about how players can choose to approach different situations.

the last of us 2 is available on PS4.

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