The Old Republic is experimenting with an overhaul of the combat system



Cleaning up a complicated system is tough, but BioWare is up to the challenge.

Star Wars Old Republic

As with many old school RPGs, Star Wars: The Old Republic uses systems and mechanics that are starting to feel a bit … dated. When that happens, you can lean into it like WoW or RuneScape, or you can rearrange things to feel a little more modern. BioWare chose the latter option when it comes to The Old Republic combat.

Since July, BioWare has opened a public test server for The Old Republic that allows players to try out some of the revamped fighting styles. It started with the Jedi Guardian and has since grown to include the Jedi Sentinel, Imperial Agent Sniper and Operative, as well as the Sith Assassin and Sorcerer fighting styles.

More recently, BioWare has expanded this list to include the Sith Warrior and Bounty Hunter corporate styles. Much like the previous redesigns, the idea here is to consolidate the abilities of the Sith Juggernaut and Marauder as well as the Bounty Hunter Mercenary and Powertech to make them easier to understand and use.


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“To make the classroom feel less cluttered and the customization more concise, we are working to reduce the number of abilities but ensuring that the classroom remains distinct and unique,” ​​BioWare wrote in its recent update. The developer is specifically looking for feedback on “What abilities make these classes unique?” “

Old Republic Fighting Styles - via Steam
via Steam

To find out, the PTS will allow players to create new characters and upgrade them to level 80. Players will also be able to visit the Fleet PTS equipment vendors near the Onslaught SoW vendors to get level d gear. ‘item 318. You can go crazy with the build from there.

It’s important to remember that everything is still largely a work in progress. Expect to find placeholders for text and images, as well as an occasional bug. There is a long list of known issues on The Old Republic Forums, along with changes for each class.

More updates are coming, so keep an eye on the forums for updates.

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