Time is not real, Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode turns four today



Four years of dental flossing seems somehow too little and too much at the same time.


Prepare for an existential crisis as Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode turns four today.

Four years ago today, September 26, 2017, Epic took a look at what its competitors are doing and added Battle Royale to Fortnite’s roster, something that would transform it from a charming game about building bases and building it. destruction of zombies into a global phenomenon and emote heaven.

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Since 2017, we’ve seen Fortnite go from an overnight sensation to an everyday part of pop culture. We’ve seen a whole range of crossover characters, from expected characters like Star Wars and Batman to weirder characters like Bad Boys and Rick and Morty. We’ve seen Fortnite hit the Esports scene in weird and wonderful ways. We’ve seen huge lawsuits that rocked mega-corporations, and we’ve seen endless leaks and fan speculation about the future of the game.

It’s been four years, that’s what we’re saying, and for nearly 20 seasons, Fortnite shows no signs of slowing down. Fornite both feels like it’s been around forever in the game and as if it just happened. Try not to have an existential crisis while you are thinking about it.

To help distract yourself from the unstoppable passage of time, Fortnite is currently offering birthday challenges that will allow you to earn free cosmetics, including a new pickaxe, bling back, and emoticon. The challenges are as easy as dancing in front of balloons and cakes, and the cosmetics are completely free. That will keep you from thinking about how long four years is, right?

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