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HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM / ACCESSWIRE / September 21, 2021 / HeroVerse is the first pioneer to bring the highest grossing mobile gaming genre to the blockchain universe, which combined Match-3 Puzzle and RPG Strategy Play-and-Earn Model. Recently, Puzzle, among all genres of mobile games, is the biggest revenue generator. It made $ 5.1 billion in 2020, a 29% growth from 2019. Across casual games, puzzle games account for just over 50% of all revenue for 2020. From plus, the RPG and Strategy genres accounted for 19% and 21% respectively in the rankings. As a combination of the highest grossing mobile game genre – Puzzle, RPG, and Strategy, HeroVerse is expected to be a revenue boom in the blockchain space. You can also check out the HeroVerse trailer here.

Inspired by the concept of Match-3 Puzzles games like Candy Crush Saga, Empires & Puzzles, HeroVerse is a hyper-relaxed game that focuses on matching similar objects to make them disappear. In addition, Heroverse also focuses on important RPG features: exploration and looting. More specifically, RPG is a kind of role-playing game where the player controls a character who undertakes a quest in an imaginary world. In HeroVerse, it’s more about how the characters evolve as they interact with the narrative.

HeroVerse’s unique Play-and-Earn business model embraces the concepts of player gaming experience and open economy. Moreover, by increasing the strength of the hero by the movement of the crypto prices, the model also makes the game more crypto friendly and increases the variant of the hero. Additionally, HeroVerse offers two types of tokens – pre-issued tokens (HER) and unlimited tokens (HES) to ensure that the economy of the game is always balanced. In addition, backed by Hiker Games, one of the pioneering studies in South East Asia with 12 years of experience, stunning graphics are an added point for this next game.

The dedicated and reliable team behind HeroVerse

HeroVerse attracted powerful names to its core team. HeroVerse was founded by Nguyen Viet Dung, the former COO and CTO of Onteractive and Minest Asia, joins the HeroVerse development team as CEO, with the support of Truong Duc Phuong, the lead designer of the Hikker team and Nguyen Huy Hoang, the main artist of Backpacker Game. Top HeroVerse Advisors include Ta Son Tung, President of Rikkeisoft Corporation, in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list – a list of 30 outstanding faces under 30 in various fields in Vietnam voted by Forbes magazine, as a business advisor. ; Thi Truong, Founder and CEO of Red Kite – PolkaFoundry, as Executive Advisor; and Nguyen Tuan Huy, founder and CEO of Hiker Game, as a games advisor.

After successfully hosting various fundraising rounds, HeroVerse received funding from various reputable companies in the blockchain industry such as RedKite, GameFi, Raptor Capital, X21 Digital, AU21 Capital and Dao Maker. So, HeroVerse recently announced that its native token, $ HER, plans to launch its initial decentralized offering (IDO) on Red-Kite Launchpad and GameFi. You can find more information about HeroVerse on their Average.

HeroVerse IDO Announcement

HeroVerse recently announced the launch of its native token, $ HER, on major IDO platforms – Red Kite and GameFi. The IDO will be held on September 23. The whitelist has started and will end 24 hours before the start of the IDO. Claiming the token will begin at 2:30 p.m. (2:30 p.m.) UTC on PancakeSwap. Launched on the major IDO platforms – RedKite and GameFi, it’s reasonable for HeroVerse to expect a revenue boom. As recorded, almost all of the games released on these platforms have achieved notable revenue. For example, Kaby Arena’s token, $ KABY, has been multiplied by 84; DeathRoad increased his token 51 times while GameFi increased 50 times during the IDO period. Needless to say, HeroVerse is a game worth waiting for this fall, both for its gameplay and revenue expectations. Receive more announcements on HeroVerse.

HeroVerse is proud to announce its successful $ 1.7 million fundraiser, joined by leading investors in the blockchain world. Following its successful fundraiser, HeroVerse will launch its IDO on major platforms – Red Kite and GameFi.

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