Vanguard patch removes assault filter in Combat Pacing from two playlists


Call of Duty: Vanguard Season three introduced a new map, upgraded trophy system, and more. In Pacific War Zone, Operation Monarch is well underway with King Kong and Godzilla causing chaos on the island. With all the madness, something’s bound to break. Patches are coming regularly, like one for magazine tuning and many more for bug fixes. Now, the last Avant-garde patch made changes to Combat Pacing, specifically with the Assault filter, and fixed weapon camouflage challenges.

Combat Pacing debuted in the Call of Duty: Vanguard beta. It was a feature that allowed players to choose the type of multiplayer experience they wanted, out of three types. But with the new patch, the Assault filter has been removed from the Quick Play and Featured playlists. According to Sledgehammer, this was done to improve the diversity of map rotations. As a result, the minimum and maximum number of players for Tactical Rhythm and Blitz have been adjusted. Tactical will still offer a classic 6v6 experience, while Blitz will still suit players looking for fast-paced combat. Player feedback and analysis will be monitored by the development team, so it’s unknown if the combat pacing changes will be permanent.

For players who are still in camouflage

Besides the loss of the Assault filter in Combat Pacing, the Avant-garde The patch fixed the requirements for completing camouflage challenges for two weapons. The first is the Nikita AVT assault rifle where the elimination, headshot, multikill and bloodthirsty challenges have been fixed. Similarly, the camouflage kill, multiple kill, prone kill, and breath kill requirements for the M1916 were also addressed.

The next time you jump into multiplayer, you should expect to see more variety in the maps you can play. As Sledgehammer rolls out Vanguard patches regularly, be sure to stay tuned for further updates. Moreover, the visit of Avant-garde Trello board will allow you to keep an eye on what the developers are working on.


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