Weird West: What are the best fighting tips?


Welcome to our guide “Weird West: What are the best combat tips?”. Weird West is far more perilous than the Wild West. Not only are Outlaws a threat, but also Creatures, Wraiths, Pigmen and the like. So you will be fighting a lot in the game. Although not as demanding as Dark Souls, the fights are still challenging. If you’re not careful, you could die a lot. Here are some ways to avoid reboots when things get rough, especially early in your quest.

What are Weird West’s best fighting tips?

Use your action points wisely

A bar on the right side of the screen, in addition to your health, is the one to focus on during a fight. You will see how many action points are left by watching this. If you continuously use your skills or perform slow dodge jumps, you can quickly deplete this bar. It’s not that you shouldn’t really do such things; it’s just that you should be careful. On a typical Stillwater scrub, for example, you don’t need to use a thunderbolt. Save them for the toughest opponents in battle.

Use your disposable weapons

You will most certainly pick up many projectiles during your quest. Don’t overlook these as explosives, flashbangs, fire cocktails, and glow bottles are all very handy. A dynamite, in particular, does a lot of harm, but don’t throw it in a pool of water because the fuse will go out. You need lightning in a bottle to fight in flooded caves as it is more powerful when added to water, just make sure you are not at risk as well. If you don’t use disposable items, they will take up unnecessary space in your stock.

Don’t miss your first shot

Combat situations don’t usually start instantly in this game. When your enemies notice you or you hit them, chaos often ensues. Naturally, you’ll want to give them a head start right away, but don’t be in too much of a rush. First, scour the battlefield for exploding barrels or lanterns. Opponents will often run past these flammable things. Before the battle even begins, a well-timed hit on the explosives could cause significant damage or possibly kill an opponent.

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