What you can expect from Profane’s first combat and movement tests, and how to apply


Last week the Profane The team took a look at some in-progress combat screenshots and reported that the game’s first combat test will take place soon, with community members having a chance to be invited. Now they have confirmed that there will be several combat test sessions in the coming weeks. There is also a lot of useful information about what you can expect from the tests and how to apply.

They pay particular attention to the announcement, which can be found with the application form, on the official Profane Discord, to let us know that this is indeed a work in progress version and that the features will be very limited. What we can expect is character customization, basic attacks, and movement. Other features aren’t ready yet, so you won’t be able to do things like manage inventory or equipped items, craft or build anything, and there won’t be crowds around either. “This is a very raw test of combat and basic movement. If you think this test is not for you, we ask that you do not register in order to make room for people who are more interested in this testing phase and waiting for future trials.”

The test region will be procedurally generated and very incomplete, but they want people to go in there (because it’s the first time they let people in) and explore or climb and both try to test things and find bugs in the system. Try climbing and if you get stuck, congratulations, you helped the devs find a bug. There is also a very limited weather system in place with lots of placeholder stuff.

You can expect various animations or placeholder features. and the idea is that what they mainly test is the net code with the simple basic functionality to see how everything works, why players can test the basic commands and give feedback to the team. You’ll be able to run or walk, climb and even swim and use basic attacks with things like a one-handed sword or a gun.

Learn more about the game at Profane.


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