Why Star Wars’ KOTOR Remake Needs FF7 Remake’s Action Fighting


BioWare’s Knights of the Old Republic is a Star Wars classic, but the remake could leave turn-based combat behind just like Final Fantasy.

Lucasfilm Games ” Knights of the Old Republic – Remake has already established itself as one of the most anticipated upcoming releases for the PlayStation 5, with Aspyr’s current version of BioWare’s title likely to captivate Star wars old and new fans. KOTOR is often regarded not only as one of the greatest Star wars games ever released, but one of the greatest role-playing games in general. However, while it is likely that Aspyr will make little or no changes to the game’s narrative (Lucasfilm’s indications seem to be that the KOTOR remake will remain in Legends and will not be introduced in Disney canon) players can expect big changes in both gameplay and the presentation of the title – just like Square Enix did when it came out. is about developing an equally beloved remake Final fantasy 7.

While KOTOR and Final fantasy may seem like worlds apart in terms of gameplay, they had one thing in common: turn-based combat. While most action RPGs involve the player taking direct control of their character or party and controlling their movements in real time, turn-based systems emphasize a slower pace, giving the prioritizing strategy and ensuring that only the player or the enemy can make a move at any given time. While turn-based combat systems have served titles well in the past, their popularity has waned over the last few generations of consoles, meaning new players are less familiar with their mechanics.

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The decision to abandon the original Final fantasy 7 The turn-based system divided fans, but the game was a critical and commercial success, becoming one of the best-selling PlayStation exclusives. The decision to lean more into the action genre undoubtedly helped broaden the appeal of the game, and although an IP as large as Star wars would not really have to worry about this, keeping by KOTOR the turn-based combat for the remake might prove off-putting for some players – especially when most Star wars the games fit firmly into the action genre.

Star Wars action needs faster combat than KOTOR

Star Wars KOTOR Remake Learn From FF7 Remake History

Regardless of the perceived advantages and disadvantages of a turn-based system, there is something to be said for how it slows down the action. Star wars has always highlighted fast-paced, frenzied action sequences, whether in the films themselves or in the many video game adaptations that have followed, and seeing heroes and villains line up as they come together. Sometimes fighting with lightsabers and blasters doesn’t make the most cinematic life. In addition, most players probably remember KOTOR more for its sprawling narrative and memorable characters than for its battle scenes. While it undoubtedly has its fans, the game’s turn-based combat was not a fundamental pillar of its success.

Ultimately, there is just a lot more to be gained by switching to a more action-oriented approach with the Knights of the Old Republic remake. Final fantasy 7 Not only did she expand her reach by making the switch, but many would say it made for a more compelling combat experience. There’s no reason Aspyr couldn’t follow suit with his own remake and make the role of Revan even more empowering than it was the first time around.

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