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This holiday season, streaming services are ready to go to war for your dollar. They saved the big guns for the week leading up to Thanksgiving, and you’ll end up as the ultimate winner. Here’s how each streaming service plans its programming.


Netflix shoots the first shot with “Tiger King” Season 2 on November 17th. With Joe Exotic behind bars and most of Rick Kirkham’s footage burned in that mysterious fire, it’s unclear what quality of video we’ll get and how much is just leftover from the cutting room floor from Season 1. Still, the huge audience for the first season is likely to return for more Tiger Train Wrecks.

On November 18, Netflix releases the third film in its popular “Princess Switch” series starring Vanessa Hudgens.

November 19 brings two important releases. The live-action “Cowboy Bebop” starring John Cho is sure to divide fans of the original anime, but it will attract a lot of eyes. This day also brings “Tick, Tick… ​​Boom! »A musical biopic directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda and starring Andrew Garfield as” Rent “creator Jonathan Larson.

November 23 brings a “Waffles + Mochi” holiday special for kids. And on November 24, “A Boy Called Christmas” with Toby Jones, Sally Hawkins, Kristen Wiig, Jim Broadbent and Maggie Smith.

Netflix has produced high quality Christmas movies in recent years, including the films “Jingle Jangle”, “Klaus” and “The Christmas Chronicles”. If Netflix is ​​positioning “A Boy Called Christmas” for Thanksgiving Eve, they must have a lot of self-confidence.

Netflix has more holiday goodies in store for December, but they’re packing a ton of firepower in the week leading up to Thanksgiving.

Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video is launching into battle with its mega-budget series “The Wheel of Time” starring Rosamund Pike. The first three episodes of the series will arrive on November 19. New episodes will arrive each week until the finale on Christmas Eve. With over 10 million views of this trailer, it looks to be highly anticipated.

With 1,800 characters named in the “Wheel of Time” book series, this has the makings of a long-standing success if it connects with fans.

Disney +

Disney + is looking to woo its Marvel fans with the long-awaited “Hawkeye” series. With its combination of action and Christmas, the trailer has a distinctly “Die Hard” feel to it.

Disney is also releasing a major title to draw viewers beyond its main audience. Peter Jackson’s 6 hour “Get Back” docuseries will chronicle the Beatles at the end of their run. It draws 56 hours of unseen footage from the Fab Four. We’ll see the full Beatles rooftop concert from the top of Savile Row in London. A title like this is likely to draw a new audience to the service, in the same way that 2020’s ‘Hamilton’ led so many to taste Disney + for the first time.


HBO Max continues to grow its catalog, much of its growth in 2021 is due to the big screen releases of WarnerMedia which began airing the same day they hit theaters. Their Pre-Thanksgiving Drop is the hopeful Oscar-winning biopic of the father of Venus and Serena Williams. Will Smith stars in “King Richard”. It arrives on November 19.

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